When Someone Doesn’t Appreciate Your Gift

Getting rejected and not appreciated breaks your heart. Hence, you should know when it is more likely the chance of getting rejected and what to do afterward. Let’s see the scenarios.

  • Acceptance, if the person doesn’t like it or fails to appreciate your gift as it seems irrelevant to them, don’t hesitate to take it back when they are returning to you. You’ll find someone who’ll appreciate it and finds it relevant.
  • If you know you hurt the person’s emotions, that’s why he is rejecting your gift, then without any delay, hasten to apologize and take back the gift instant as you hurt their feelings. Immediately make adjustments and submit a “Sorry” message if you find it necessary to do so.
  • If you pick something cliché, you can’t repay the damage already done. Perhaps, when the person is calmly saying ‘thank you’ you better use the opportunity and tell them how special they are for you and in a hurry you wanted to give them your love. Don’t forget to cover up this mistake next time. It would be best if you kept yourself updated with new gift trends.
  • If you send any antiquated gifts and get rejected, to avoid these mistakes, you can first decide your options what gift you will give and select the best from the category. Don’t pick what you don’t have any idea about. Still, if you are convinced to go for any volatile option, choose a store that offers an easy return option.
  • You shouldn’t pick gifts that feel too personal or sensitive. Send apologies if the receiver felt their personal space had been affected. Let them take their time and ease their comfort zone. It’s always better to stick to some general gifts for those you don’t know that much.

Why Someone Rejects Your Gift?

1. Are You Selecting Something Relevant?

One of the many reasons why someone may not appreciate your gift is when you choose something irrelevant or find it difficult to understand. When it comes to giving gifts, it’s not always a grand gesture but the relevance. The gift might excite you, but it might not be that special or a bad choice for your friend. Thereby, when you choose a gift, don’t go random and pick whatever you like because that may disappoint you. It is common when the receiver gets irrelevant gifts might not appreciate the gift. New electronic gadgets may seem irrelevant to someone who particularly doesn’t have any interest in tech.

2. Is there something that hurts their emotions?

Another reason the person may not appreciate your gift can be when it is contradicting a person’s lifestyle or belief system.

Before you buy a gift for someone, you should understand what the person likes or dislikes. Good basic research can help you understand the person’s lifestyle, diet choices and pick a gift that they’ll like. Again, if you yet don’t know the person properly, you should wait and take some time so that the person wouldn’t refuse your gift. For example, a person who has a past with alcohol abuse giving him a wine basket is not a good idea. Giving diabetic patients a box of chocolates is not a good idea as well.

3. This is What Happens- When You Pick Something Clichéd

There are many old-fashioned presents that you can pick if you want to give merely for the gift formality and not necessarily make the person feel unique.

For this, the occasion plays a vital role in which clichéd gift you should choose. For example, if you plan to send flowers on someone’s birthday, like your flower basket, one of the many other flowers they get that day. Likewise, to please your friends and family, choosing a chocolate basket or a general gift hamper for the holiday season may not be the best gift you can offer.

4. Selecting Something Antiquated can be as bad as Selecting Something too Mediocre

The idea of giving outdated gifts not only sounds boring but also makes you a boring gift-giver in your friend’s eyes. Selecting an out-dated gift doesn’t feel like an actual gift. For example, the person may be a technology enthusiast, but choosing something that you believe is a brilliant option may be an obsolete piece of technology. It is important to avoid kitchen stuff, home decor parts, and things that are not step up with the current trends.

The same goes for garments and wardrobe accessories, jewelry, etc., when picking. It can be a significant turnoff to pick up old-fashioned clothes.

5. Giving something too personal

This is where the scene gets intense to handle. Receiving boring gifts can also be taken, but too much personal gifts are hardly bearable. No one likes to receive personal gifts from a new friend. For example, receiving photo customized mugs from a new friend feels awkward. Moreover, receiving personal care appliances or clothes from a coworker or a new friend also feels incongruous.

Keep these in mind when buying gifts

  • Don’t fall for fads. Not everyone has the taste of using contemporary or new things; even if you buy something stylish before it comes on-trend, it is better to have a backup gift plan. Also, don’t forget to provide all the instructions to the person to use it and explain why you think it’s relevant.
  • People’s taste change and varies from time to time. For example, once you heard your friend talk about a favorite gadget a few months back, but later his interest changed inclined direction. Depending on that conversation, if you pick that same gadget for him, that may not appreciate it. That’s why try to relate what your friend’s core interest in and pick something related to that to fascinate him.
  • Many gift shops care for your indecision and provide the facility for an exchange. If your friend doesn’t seem to appreciate you, then go for an exchange and pick something they like from the same store.

Final thoughts

Sending and receiving gifts share happiness. but when someone rejects your gift and doesn’t appreciate it, your heart sink. The lack of appreciation or rejects doesn’t always come verbally. The rude gesture, pocket face, and silent expression tells everything. But don’t lose hope. Already you know what to do when someone doesn’t appreciate your gift and why they do that. So, keep everything in mind and do your best research on the person’s interest, habit, and lifestyle you’ll surely impress them.

Hope this article helps you. 

Let us know when did anything like this happen to you? We’ll be happy to listen to your experience.

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  1. Very good points and important to remember when giving gifts!
    Also you may feel unappreciated for giving gifts because the recipient is generally ungrateful, toxic or a pompous ass. So give gifts if you’d like to share in an appropriate manner but don’t always expect gratitude, just bestow your gifts on others.

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