What Do You Do When Your EX Sends You a Gift?

When your ex sends you a gift, it can be an emotional roller-coaster. One minute you’re happy and hopeful, the next minute crushed and hurt. It’s hard to know what to do when they show their love for you again after breaking up with them in the past. Should you just throw away the gift? Or should you call them up and thank them?

But what if it’s something that he spent a lot of money on? What if there is some sentimental value hidden inside? Or maybe he is trying to get back together with you by sending this gift. The decision can be hard to make; luckily for you, we have laid out four steps that will help guide the way.

Understanding the meaning of the gift your ex sends you

This is the first step in figuring out how to handle it. If he sends you a book of poems that was published when the two of you were still together, then this is likely his way of rekindling your relationship with him.

If on the other hand, he sends you a CD from one of your favorite bands and doesn’t mention anything about getting back together again. This could be just another sign that he wants to continue being friends but not more than that. If there’s nothing else inside the package or envelope, then take some time before deciding what to do next with the gift.

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What do you do when your ex sends you a gift

Recognizing if their intention for sending you this gift is genuine will help make up your mind whether or not to thank them for it.

Return the gift and say thank you

This is the safest way to go since you won’t risk any feelings being hurt. You can do this by sending it back with a handwritten note, or if that’s not possible because he sent it through the mail, send him an email telling him how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness and then return the gift. This will show your ex that they are still important in your life without having to get close again. If there is sentimental value inside of the package like something from one of their family members, take out what has meaning for you and keep it before returning everything else.

Accept the gift graciously, but don’t reciprocate

If you decide to keep the gift, accept it graciously and thank your ex for thinking of you. Don’t reciprocate with a gift unless you have something planned that would be like an olive branch gesture–a way to show them that there is no hard feelings. If they send another box or card in the mail later on, don’t feel obligated to do anything because returning gifts takes enough time as it is! It’s their turn now so let them know how much they are appreciated while still keeping things professional and cordial if possible through email instead of having any more personal conversations over text message or phone call.

Accept it with a smile and say thank you, then donate it to charity

Instead of giving the gift back or trying not to take any notice so your ex will feel bad about themselves for sending something that they shouldn’t have in the first place (like if they sent an apology card), just accept it with a smile and say thank you! This is just their way of apologizing but also making sure that there are no hard feelings on either end; plus this can make them happy knowing that at least one person appreciated what was given even when most people would refuse such gifts from someone who did wrong. If possible, instead of returning the gift or refusing to do anything else like accepting another box/card in mail without reciprocate.

How do you know if your ex still cares about you ?

It’s difficult to know if your ex is still interested in you or not because they could just be trying to make amends for what went wrong between the two of you. They might have feelings and want the relationship back, but they also don’t want their pride hurt so they try sending a card with flowers as an apology instead of showing up at your doorsteps.

If there are signs that show interest from them then it’s fine to contact them again; otherwise, give some time before attempting another conversation. Be patient!

The other way a gift can prove how much someone cares about you is when they send something even though you’re already broken up and over with each other – this shows that the person really misses being.

Final Words

I’m sure this has happened before and I know there is no right answer when it comes to what do about these situations but my opinion from experience would be either keep or get rid of as quickly as possible because time seems to matter a lot more now.

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