Last Minute Birthday Gifts Ideas for Female Friend

Birthday is the utmost special day for a person. When it comes to your beloved female friend, the day is more special. To turn the day into the best day in her life, a single gift can play the most vital role. But picking the right gift is really challenging.

Also, if your friend’s birthday is knocking on your door, your brain will run out of gift ideas. To ease your decision-making, we have come up with some amazing last minute birthday gifts for female friends. This article will guide you pick the right gift for your beloved female friend.

10 Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Female Friend

Numerous gifts are available in the market. But you cannot randomly pick a gift for your beloved female friend. To assist, we have come up with these options so that you can pick the best one.

1. Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields

The benchmark bouquets flowering fields is one of the best last minute birthday gifts for female friends you can offer. All the buds are handpicked from the plants. You will get fresher flowers for your friend’s birthday. Also, customizing the message in the note will add more value to the gift.

Unlike other companies that deliver flowers doorstep, this one is a flower grower company. They know the value of flowers. Besides, their special designer team arranges each bouquet to maintain higher quality and a decent look. You can even customize the design when received to achieve the highest perfection.

Brand name Benchmark Bouquets
Color Mixed
Materials  Mixed
Key features All the buds are picked with proper care to make the gift special. You can add a customized note to the bouquets to show love. It even allows you to personalize flower arrangement for a high-touch perfection. 

2. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Does your female friend love to write a journal? Then don’t look further but this leather notebook. Hand-cut and made of 100% genuine water buffalo leather, the notebook will be a perfect option for exploring ideas. Its crafted and authentic design looks amazing in any place and carries anywhere.

The hand-stitched Coptic leather binding will put all the pages firmly unlike any cheap notebooks. Besides, 125gsm earth-friendly plain paper provides a smooth surface to write. Its 240 blank pages let your friend write so many ideas, secrets, or thoughts. 

Brand name Moonster
Color Dark Brown
Materials  Leather
Key features 7” x 5” size enables easy and comfortable carrying. Genuine water buffalo leather construction prolongs its durability and longevity. You will get hand stitched Coptic leather binding to put all the pages together firmly for a long time. The 125gsm earth-friendly 240 pages offer smooth writings.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries? When it comes to Chocolate Covered with Strawberries, no one resists her lure. You can show your love to your female friend on her birthday by giving her these chocolate-covered strawberries. 

It comes with 12 giant California strawberries that offer freshness and premium quality. Pure chocolate and delicious, this little box can enhance the joy of her birthday. You will get a gift box with the package that enables you to send it directly to your friend.

Brand name Golden State Fruit
Volume  12 strawberries
Weight 2 pounds
Key features Pure chocolate covered strawberries look and taste delicious. You will get 12 premium quality and fresh giant California strawberries. A gift box comes with it so that you don’t have to hassle wrapping and packaging it.

4. N’Wood Pot A-Z. Letter Monogram

A letter monogram can be another suitable last-minute gift to give your female friend. Its eye catchy design will suit perfectly in your friend’s house. Also, the initial letter or complete name will help your friend remember you every time. You can even customize the design at your convenience and needs.

The Solid Pine Natural Wood construction lasts longer and looks elegant. Your friend can create a magical and creative world with these letters in her house. Show your love and care and surprise her with this monogram.

Brand name Natural Wood And Plant
Color Other
Materials  Wood, Moss, Succulent, Soil, Solid Pine, Pod
Key features The eye-catching plant pot will improve the elegant look of the house. You can customize the design and make it more special for your friend. Natural pine wood construction lasts longer and provides a vintage look.

5. Crystal Necklace For Women

I’ve rarely seen a woman without affection towards the ornaments. If your friend is not one of that rare kinds, picking Crystal Necklace can be a good gift at this last moment. The handmade item suits gloriously in her neck. Made of Raw stone, its elegant look will attract everyone to the party.

Its chain-style cable is adjustable to fit in any neck. The Boho & hippie design provides additional value to the necklace. Its thoughtful design ensures a subtle symbolic statement. You can even personalize the design to make it special for your friend.

Brand name geo minimalist
Color Stone
Materials  Gold, Rose gold, Silver
Key features The handmade necklace is made of raw stone that adds an elegant look. Its Boho & hippie design improvises the look as well. Thoughtful design makes it unique and meaningful as a gift. You can customize the design too.

6. Raw Stone Ring Moonstone Ring

The geo minimalist Raw Stone Ring Moonstone Ring is truly a unique and special gift to give your friend. You will rarely find a design as classy as this one. Adjustable design makes it perfectly fit for any hand. So, you don’t have to worry about the hand size of your friend.

Raw stone construction ensures an exclusive look. Boho & hippie design adds more elegance in the look. You can customize its design to make it special for your friend. Also, it is completely handmade that sets itself apart from the traditional rings.

Brand name geo minimalist
Color Customizable
Materials  Raw stone
Key features Its handmade design makes it classy and unique as a gift. The adjustable function ensures a perfect fit despite the finger size. Stone construction provides longevity and durability. Personalization is also possible with it. 

7. Gold Ceramic Ring Holder

Keeping ornaments and jewelry organized is challenging. A good Gold Ceramic Ring Holder can get this job done effectively. This jewelry display stand will smoothly keep rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keys, and other ornaments organized. The Antlers design comfortably holds all those things.

Besides, eye-catching design suits perfectly in any place of your room and enhances the room’s beauty. The quality glazed ceramic construction with electroplated decoration also makes it perfect for home use. Your friend will fall in love with this ring holder.

Brand name Zodaca
Color White, Gold
Materials  Ceramic
Key features The Antlers design makes it easier to keep all the rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keys, and others organized. Its eye-catching design provides a sophisticated look. You can expect a quality service life for its glazed ceramic construction.

8. Marble Effect Trinket Dish

If you are not sure about the ring holder, try this Marble Effect Trinket Dish. It can be one of the great thoughtful last-minute birthday gifts. Unlike the previous one, this dish features a perfect storage solution to put your rings, hair bands, coins, and other ornaments.

The beautiful foiling detail in gold looks modish. Also, its metallic finish is like a touch of a class artist. Since the design is hand-painted, you can set this best friend gift apart from any traditional gifts. The polymer clay construction prolongs the longevity yet serves for a long time.

Brand name Puggets
Color Marble
Materials  polymer clay
Key features The polymer clay construction fits in most modern home designs and keeps your jewelry organized. You will have a hand-painted beautiful foiling detail in gold for a luxurious look. Its metallic finish adds more value to the gift.

9. Scented Candles Gifts Set for Women

A birthday party without candles is incomplete, dull. You can make the party fascinating, more fun, and complete by giving scented candles. For any last-minute birthday surprise ideas, it can be a suitable option. You will get a set of four fragrances including spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig. 

Besides, the 4.4 oz capacity will light up more than 30 hours and deliver flower scents. Its Candle is made of thick metal that provides added durability and a good look. Your friend can use those cans as decorative containers after finishing lighting up the candles. You will also have a colorful box with the package to show your love to your friend.

Brand name SONSIEN
Color Spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig
Materials  Beeswax and tin
Key features The four fragrances including spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig will scent the entire room. Your friend can enjoy 30 hours of romantic moments for its 4.4 oz capacity. The thick metal construction with tin and classic vintage art makes the cans reusable. A colorful box comes with the package to make your life hassle-free from wrapping.

10. Marble effect polymer clay planters

Our search for the last minute birthday gifts for female friend ends with the marble polymer clay planters. If your female friend is addicted to plants, don’t look further but this amazing gift. This handmade, marble effect planter fits in any place of your home for its elegant design.

Its hand-painted yellow gold rim finish makes it even more luxurious. You can easily customize the design and color to make it special for your friend. The polymer clay construction provides sturdiness. Also, its compact and small size makes it comfortable to carry. 

Brand name Puggets
Color White and green
Materials  polymer clay
Key features The marble effect planter is handmade and hand-painted with yellow gold rim finish for a more decent look. It even allows you to personalize the color and design. You can expect a longer service life and keep plants smoothly for the polymer clay construction. Carrying is easier for its compact size.


When the birthday of your beloved female friend is knocking on your door, picking a good gift is hard. The mind does not work properly and we often mistake picking the right gift. That is why we have portrayed a good collection of last minute birthday gifts for female friend.

When you will have a list of some amazing gift ideas for your best female friend, decision-making will be easier. We have also shown the main features and benefits with specs. So consider the taste of your best friend and pick the best gift to make her birthday special and memorable.

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