How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for Birthday?

Let’s be honest! Many people think it’s rude to ask for money or gifts on birthdays. But trends and cultures are changing so does the perspective of people.

When you get to see both of the parties receiving and giving the gifts, it seems blissful. But what happens if two of them are not the same-minded? While many of us still consider asking for money at an event is rude, it is always better than an unwanted gift.

Say, your birthday is coming soon this year. You have a lot of stuff in the house, and you don’t want any more of them. Rather, you are planning for something big next year. Getting money instead of gifts will be of great help to you. But you heard it sounds rude asking for money. So, you are thinking about how to ask for money instead of gifts for your birthday in a proper way. In this article, we’ve discussed the simple yet effective ways you can approach your guests in a breeze.

How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for Birthday

Understand Your Environment

The first thing you want to do is knowing your surroundings. Things appreciated in one culture can be criticized in the other. You must understand what your friends and family think about giving and receiving money instead of gifts. For example, you can ask for money from your parents or friends with whom you are very close. On the other hand, you should not ask for money or gifts from your neighbors or coworkers with more formal relationships.

If you belong to an open environment, it might be way more manageable than a conservative milieu. However, you can still discuss with your family and friends your preferences even if they’re not used to it. Communicate the way they understand the best. Give logical explanations so that they know what you’re asking is legitimate.

Approach The Right Way

Knowing the proper way of asking anything is equally important as you approach the right person. Our culture is not accustomed to giving money on events yet. You should sound nice when asking for money for your birthday. In this section, we have pointed out some useful methods of asking for money from your giver.

Use a Cash Registry

A cash registry is a good practice for collecting cash. You can use a cash registry website to let your guests know that you prefer cash over gifts. Most people don’t like giving money during an event and will end up giving physical gifts. So, the idea is to use a cash registry to let them know your preference.

Send Invitation Cards

An invitation card is an excellent alternative to ask for money directly rather than gifts. It works amazingly as well because you’re not asking for any cash in one’s face.

To get this right, write personalized notes on attractively designed invitation cards. Let the people know how much you want them to be your guests at the event. Also, inform them that you prefer to skip the gift-giving part of the party. If they’re still up for giving something to attend your birthday, any amount of cash or gift cards would be appreciated. Let them know what you’re planning to do with the given amount so that your letter seems more affable.

Here are some examples you can use to reach them politely:

  • I’d love your presence on this special day. No gift is required, please. If you’re still thinking of giving something, I’d appreciate your contribution on my trip to the Grand Canyon.
  • Having you is the most desired thing on my birthday. Please don’t bring any gifts. Instead, you can be a part of my donation to the charity.

You can also ask for gift cards in place of cash. Look for the templates on how to ask for gift cards instead of money for Birthdays. You may get some fantastic ideas from them.

Introduce New Practice

Money can be a suitable replacement for gifts on occasions. Especially if you’re planning something big or donating to a charity while managing the money is hard, a contribution from friends and family on your birthday can be beneficial. You might be surprised to know many people think alike. But they can not think of going against the tradition.

Hence, there is an opportunity to change old customs and start a new practice. Discuss with your family and close friends. Be frank, be honest. Let them realize why cash-giving can be a better option over gifts.

Again, your friends or coworkers may find it challenging to wild-guess your preference or be a secret Santa. Discussing with them or asking their opinion about starting a new custom can be useful.

Give Money Instead of Gifts on Occasions

If your environment is not suitable for open discussion or asking for cash, you can start the tradition of giving money rather than gifts. Give cash gifts in the envelope with a heart-warming message. Express your love for them. This should help them rethink the decades-old gift-giving tradition.

Do(s) and Don’t(s) When Asking for Money Instead of Gifts

The majority find the practice of asking for money rude. So, you should be careful about how and who you’re asking. Follow these key points when you’re requesting money instead of gifts for your birthday:

Tell People Why You Want Money

First, you want to be honest with your guests. You don’t want to end up being rude when asking for money. Tell them why you need the amount and where you want to spend them. Make them understand you’re up for a good cause. You are not going to tell them that you don’t like the gift they bring. Instead, you’re giving a polite hint about your legit necessity of the cash.

Ask for Gift Cards

You can ask for gift cards rather than cash. Gift cards are a better way of gifting. Thus, they will know where you’re going to spend their money. Guests can choose the place, and you get to select the particular item on which you’re spending that money.

Don’t Act Rude or Selfish

Yes, you know it already. Yet, we are discussing this to emphasize how you should act to your guests. Be gentle to everyone regardless of the type of gifts you receive. Let them know you appreciate whatever you receive. In case of cash, assure them that any amount should be fine.

Don’t Ask Everyone

Don’t tell everyone without a second thought. Sift people who will understand you properly. You should not ruin your good relationship with others on this ordinary topic. So, don’t ask everyone and appreciate people for anything they bring to you.

Final Thoughts

The world is changing rapidly, and our preferences too. We understand what you want is absolutely fine, but many won’t. Being extra careful won’t hurt. We hope now you can understand how to ask for money instead of gifts for your birthday. Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts if you have any better ideas.

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