How To Ask For Donations Instead Of Birthday Gifts

Requesting donations in lieu of birthday gifts is a great practice for society.

Maybe your kids have hundreds of toys in his box that he doesn’t even know. Getting more gifts will enrich the box, but it won’t help your children at all. Instead, if someone donates the gifts or money to a charity or someone needy in lieu of a gift, that will help society a lot.

But how to ask for donations instead of birthday gifts? If you don’t ask it properly, you may end up damaging your relationship with that person or make him embarrassed.

We are here to cover your back. In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can ask politely for donations instead of gifts. If you are thinking of asking for a donation but hesitate to ask, this article will clear all of your hesitations.

Should I ask for donations instead of birthday gifts?

Not everyone should ask for a donation. Before asking for it, make sure your kids know about it. If your kids do not know about it, they might expect gifts at their parties. They might even ask for gifts loudly. That’s because it has become a tradition in our society.

Besides, make sure your kids have enough gifts. Otherwise, they will crave gifts at the party. Moreover, it will be good if you know the invited guests properly. You will get an idea of whether they might donate or not. If you are sure about these factors, only then you should ask for a donation.

How To Ask For Donations Instead Of Birthday Gifts

Now the question comes how to ask for donations instead of birthday gifts. To be frank, it is not that hard nor that easy. You have to be polite yet direct. Also, you have to follow proper etiquette and wordings. Here are the tips for you.

No gifts please wording

The secret of asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts is the wording. The better you write, the better you convince the guest. You have to be respectful yet clear about your purpose. Here are a few samples of wordings that you should try. Make sure to customize it in your own way.

“And we already have enough stuff,

However, if you insist,

Please send it to someone in need.

Pick any charity from the list below and send your money or gift to the charity”


“Our party is for fun,

Please do not bring any gifts.

You can better spend your money by helping other children in need.

Please donate your money to the nearest charity or any of the charities in the list below”


“Dear, I have got a task for you for our birthday party.

In lieu of presents, I request you to send my gifts’ money to a charity.

There are thousands of people in need of money and I am not one of them.

It would be great if you do the task for me”

These are some examples to give you an idea about the writings. Surely, you can customize according to the personality of the guest.

Be polite and direct

We all know being direct is tough. It is even tougher when you have to be polite and direct at the same time. Don’t panic. Politely say that the gifts are not necessary so no one gets offended. Adding ‘please’ is enough sometimes to be polite. Also, you can add a few lines requesting them to send the money to any charity.

Notify in advance

If you want to ask for a donation, make sure to notify the guests long before the birthday. It is worthless to notify them just one day before their birthday. In most cases, guests buy gifts long before the birthday. So notifying them one day before will hurt and offend them.

Think about yourself. Surely, you don’t buy gifts one day before your birthday. Notify them at least one week before the birthday so that they can take enough preparation.

Side note

Adding a side note is another excellent way to ask for donations. If you don’t feel confident or comfortable asking for donations in the main writings, add a side note. Write something funny and ask for a donation. For example,

‘Your presence is more than enough as a gift. However, if you feel inclined, donate your gifts or money to a charity for me’

Writing this kind of small and attractive side note will be more effective than writing in main writings. Make sure you avoid any kind of rude or direct words. Be polite and smart.

Birthday gift donation ideas

When it comes to birthday gift donation ideas, you will find a few options. Come up with an idea that your guest finds convenient. Don’t ask something stupid that will be tough to implement for the guests. Here are some ideas for donation.

  • You can pick a charity that helped you or any of your friends or family members in the past. Then ask your guests to donate to that charity. Make sure the charity is located near you.
  • Create a list of good charities and send the list to the guests so they can pick one.
  • Request your guests to donate the toys or gifts to their nearest charity, hospital, or Kmart Wishing Tree.
  • You can request your guests to bring old toys to the party. Also, invite a charity to come to the party and collect all the toys on behalf of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions in mind about donation and birthday gifts? Then have a close look at these questions below.

How do you write a donation email?

When writing for a donation email, make sure you are polite and specific. You can add some humor to it but don’t write anything that can offend the guests.

Is it okay to ask for money as a birthday gift?

It is okay to ask for money as a birthday gift as long as you know the giver personally. In some cases, asking for money is not a polite and gentle way as a birthday gift.

Is it rude to ask for no gifts?

Not all; instead, asking for no gifts will make people happy since it will reduce the cost and effort of buying a gift. However, asking for no gifts at the last moment is definitely rude.


Knowing how to ask for donations instead of birthday gifts will let you help many people at once. Maybe you are inviting hundreds of people to your party. If all of them donate to a charity, it will be a huge donation on your behalf. At the same time, it will make your children more charitable.

We have shown you the polite way to ask anyone to donate to a charity instead of sending you gifts. This small practice will bring change to society and make your guests feel better. So follow the guide and request your guest for donations on your birthday. Make sure you are polite and smart when requesting anyone.

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