12 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Dog

Losing a beloved pet, especially a dog digs deep in the heart. You cannot fill that hole by any means. However, you can make your friend remember the dog all the time by giving something special.

But selecting a gift for someone who lost a dog is challenging. You cannot randomly pick an appropriate gift for someone who just lost a dog.

Don’t panic. We have got your back. Because we have spent hours after hours comparing and picking some amazing gifts. Also, we have shortly reviewed the gift with their specs. It will ease your pain by selecting the right gift for your friend who lost a dog.

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12 Best Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Dog

The market is now saturated with so many amazing gifts. We have brought 12 tremendous gifts that you can give to your friend or someone who lost a dog.

1. Personalized Text Paw Print Engraved

The Paw Print Engraved is an excellent gift for someone who lost a dog recently. Your friend can express his sympathy and love to his lost dog with this Engraved. Its hand-cast and hand-printed heart shape design with emotional writing are done by skilled artisans. You will get a high-touch crafted and authentic design from it.

Besides, the quality resin construction will deliver longevity. You can use it at home or outdoors. Its waterproof coating over the resin will protect the engraved from sunlight and water damage. So, you can expect a longer lifespan from it. To conclude, this one will be a suitable gift for people who want to remember their dog for a long time.

Brand name Lovefir
Color Brown
Materials Resin
Key features The handcrafted design by professional and skilled artisans will show emotion and care towards the dog. Your friend will feel the absence of the dog by seeing the heart shape and paw design in the engraved. Its resin construction with waterproof coating makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Your friend can use it comfortably for its compact and smaller design.


2. Savor Pet Memorial Box for Dog

The Memorial Box will help you keep all the special memories of your beloved Dog. It offers 12 files and 2 cubbies that will help your friend put pictures safely. Also, 2 drawers come with 5 adjustable sections to keep all the files and pictures more organized.

Besides, the Hand-illustrated labels will let you recall the memories comfortably when needed. It even instructs you where to keep your memory files and pictures properly. The lightweight design ensures easy maneuvering. So, this mind-blowing memorial box will be a great gift for your friend to save all the special memories of his dog.

Brand name Savor 
Color Mixed
Materials Other
Key features Your friend can keep all the pictures and other files of the dog’s memory organized with the sections. It also features labels and proper instruction so that you can organize and find the file when needed. Its lightweight design will improve the user experience a lot.


3. Hallmark Pet Sympathy Card, Loss of Dog

Send your sympathy and love to the dog your friend just lost with this sympathy card. The card contains a heartfelt message for his dog. You will get two emotional messages – one inside and another outside. The writing is written on high-quality paper stock.

Besides, its flower design looks amazing with a green astonished background. An inside sheer blue ribbon will add a decent look to the sympathy card. Its 5″ x 7.2″ size and coordinating envelope make it perfect as a gift. To conclude, this simple yet heartfelt sympathy card will remind your friend about his beloved dog.

Brand name Hallmark
Color Dogs just know
Materials Other
Key features The flower design on the astonishing green background makes the sympathy card look elegant. Its sheer blue ribbon and two emotional messages add something emotional to the card. The messages are printed on high-quality paper stock for added longevity.


4. Pet in Heaven Key Ring

Do you want your friend to carry the memories of his dog wherever he goes? Then you can give a key ring as a gift. The keyring is handmade and made by skilled artisans that add additional value to the ring. You can add a customized picture of your friend’s dog or write anything special or heart-touching in it to show your love.

Wherever your friend will go, he will see it and remember his lost dog. It features a glass and metal construction that will last longer than expected. With its small and compact 2.5cm size, carrying it anywhere is simple. To conclude, this one will be a suitable gift for your friend, as it will carry the memory of the dog.

Brand name Charm holiday jewelry
Color Gold
Materials Glass and metal
Key features The handmade crafted design will look astonishing when carrying.  The capacity to add a custom picture of the lost dog will help your friend carry the memory always. Its durable glass and metal construction will prolong the durability. Carrying in the pocket is easier for its compact and small size.


5. Muse Infinite in Loving Memory of Dog

If you want to give a simple yet meaningful and emotional gift that will make your friend remember his dog, consider this one. A Two Hearts Necklace attached with a silver color chain that will keep the dog remembered all the time. The silver finish in the hearts will look astonished all the time.

Besides, it comes in a ribbon gift box. That means you can directly send the gift to your friend without any hassle of packaging. You will even have emotional writing in it that shows the care and feeling you have toward the dog. With its premium materials construction, you can expect a longer lifespan from the necklace.

Brand name Muse Infinite
Color Mixed
Materials Other
Key features The gift features emotional writing and two heart necklaces that show emotional feelings and affection to the dog. With its silver finish, it creates an astonishing look when wearing. Your friend can use this lovely gift for a long time due to its high-end construction.


6. Photo album

A photo album with a loving picture of a pet can be a great gift idea for someone who lost a dog recently. If your friend likes to share his dog’s photos on social media, you can easily get some emotional photos of it. Now print those photos and put them in this photo album. Its 200-pocket capacity is able to hold all the special photos of the lost dog.

This photo album features a fabric cover that adds a classic look to the bookcase or coffee table. Besides, its Bi-Directional pockets will hold both portrayed and landscape photos of the lost dog. Since the album is acid, lignin, and PVC-free, all the photos will stay safe and protected.

Manufacturer Pioneer Photo Albums
Color Tranquil Aqua
Materials Fabric
Key features It contains a deluxe rounded bookbound spine that will hold portrayed and landscape photos of 4*6 inches. You can place two photos per page and up to 200 photos in all pockets. The shaded paper background makes the photos look better. It can also protect the photos since the album is lignin, acid, and PVC-free.


7. Memorial Photo Frame

Appreciate your friend’s dog memory with this pet remembrance frame. This Gray, wooden-edged frame holds any divider tightly with the included triangle holder. It also enables you to put the frame on any tabletop or work area with the included easel.

The front side of the frame incorporates white subtleties including the unique expression, “forever in my heart.” With its paw print embellishment, you can show more emotion and feelings for the lost dog. It will also fit perfectly with your friend’s modern home décor for its modern color combination.

Manufacturer Pearhead
Color Gray
Materials Wood
Key features The frame includes a triangle hanger and easel to hang it against the wall or put it on the desk or tabletop. You can attach two special dog photos in the frame easily. Besides, the ‘ forever in my heart ‘ writing helps you show your feeling toward the lost dog. The lightweight construction and modern color combination make it perfect to use in any modern home.


8. Cozy microfiber blanket

A blanket may look simple and common but you can give it to your friend to console him. People often sleep with their dogs under the same blanket. You can bring back those peaceful emotional memories of your friend and dog again with the help of this blanket.

This cozy microfiber blanket has vibrant color, a unique design, and an elegant appearance that complements the room. This blanket is measured by 50”*60’’, which is suitable for those homeowners having sophisticated tastes.  Made of 100% microfiber, it will deliver the highest comfort that makes it a perfect companion for having a sound sleep.

Manufacturer Bedshe
Color Gray
Materials 100% microfiber
Key features The double-sided blanket allows you to use both sides. It is made of 100% microfiber fabric that offers comfort while using. You can use this versatile user-friendly blanket while drinking coffee on the couch, watching TV, or during a comfortable nap. Bring back all those powerful and emotional memories of the lost dog with this blanket.


9. Zen Garden

Japanese rock garden or dry landscape garden is known as a zen garden. It is made of water features, rocks, moss, trees, gravel, etc., and creates a miniature garden. This type of gift can cultivate the inner peace of a person having a heavy heart. You may not observe the difference but this type of tiny decors can actually change the view of your room and make your friend feel better.

Its 9*9 inches rosewood frame suits perfectly on a coffee table or desk. With its ceramic cranes covered with polished stones, it will enhance the room’s beauty. It comes with white sand for added beauty. You will also get a long-handled and bamboo rake and a broom.

Manufacturer Toysmith
Color Multicolored 
Materials Rosewood frame, bamboo rake 
Key features This zen garden includes a meditation booklet with some suggestions to shape the garden, stones, cranes, white sand. Its 2.43 pounds lightweight design with a 9*9 inches rosewood frame makes it perfect for table or desk use. The white sand and ceramic cranes covered with polished stones enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room.


10. Scented Candle

Candles are one of the prettiest gifts you can give on any occasion, especially in consolation. Only some rare people do not love candles. Otherwise, candles have the power of refreshing our minds, especially the ones that emit amazing fragrances. Give it to your beloved one who is suffering from a painful situation to help him recover. 

Your friend can burn the candle for up to 45 hours. It will improve the room environment by adding an amazing and unique fragrance. The candle is rich in vegetable oil and essential oil and comes in a glass container. Since it is Phthalates, Paraffin, and Lead-free, your friend can use it safely.

Manufacturer Caldrea
Color Natural  
Materials Beeswax 
Key features The main ingredients of this candle are beeswax, vegetable wax, Ylang Ylang, eucalyptus, paper, and fragrance oil. Your friend will get a unique and emotional fragrance. The burning time is about 45 hours for long-lasting mourning for the lost dog. Also, it does not contain paraffin, lead, phthalates, or other harmful ingredients to ensure safe use. 


11. Memorial statue

Pet memorials are the most touching gift to remember a pet. Each time a person looks at the memorial, he will be flooded with peaceful memories with his dog. Try gifting this wonderful piece of a statue of a dog to your friend who lost a dog recently.

This memorial will help to heal the pain of a pet owner when he loses a dog. It looks great on the windowsill, garden path, or a bookshelf. With its high-quality real crushed stone construction with a faux stone finish, it will look awesome. To conclude, it can be a healing gift for your friend.

Manufacturer Design Toscano
Color Antique Stone Finish
Materials Polyresin 
Key features This pet memorial is sculpted with a wagging tail and wings. It has amazing details that preserve the treasured memories of the lost dog. Its unique design and appearance make it a perfect choice to display indoor or outdoor. The high-quality real crushed stone construction lasts longer and preserves memories for a long time.


12. Toy set

Dogs love playing with toys. If the lost dog of your friend used to play with the toys then you can give these toys to reanimate the memories. Also, these toys will make other pets happy, if your friend has other dogs. This toy set is made of the best quality durable materials for long-lasting service.

It will make the pet owner feel better and motivated to enjoy with the other pets. Thus, it acts as a distracting method as well. Since there is no stuffing, your friend needs no maintenance using these toys. Beautifully designed, these toys will help your friend overcome the grief he has due to the dog he lost.

Manufacturer ZippyPaws
Color Multicolored
Materials Plush
Key features This toy set includes three toys—a raccoon, squirrel, and a fox with two round squeakers for each. These will reanimate the lost dog memories to your friend. Also, the other dogs of your friend can spend hours and have fun with these adorable toys. The squeakers make a more loud sound. Also, they don’t have the stuffing to avoid mess for easy maintenance.

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Showing sympathy, affection, and condolences, a nice emotional gift can be a suitable option. If you are planning to get a gift for someone who lost a dog, you will definitely be more meaningful. To assist your decision-making, we have portrayed some meaningful gifts for someone who has lost his beloved dog recently.

The sympathy gifts will help to console the heavy heart of your loving person. Though it is always difficult, especially when you don’t know what to do. However, you can still give it a try and give your company to make them smile. 

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