10 Surprising Gift Ideas for Pool Owners

Selecting the best gifts for someone is challenging, isn’t it? Moreover, it becomes even tougher when you are buying it for pool owners. They are going to invite you to their next pool party. The Gift ideas for pool owners should be surprising and useful to the pool owner. It can be a pool housewarming gift, pool party gifts, or pool instruments.

Besides, the gift should show your love and affection to the pool owner. Safety and convenience are two important things to consider as well. It seems overwhelming to keep all those things in mind and select a suitable gift.

We are here to ease your difficulties and have done all the hard work for you. Without wasting your time, let’s dive into the main part.

10 surprising Gift ideas for pool owners

Gift Ideas for Pool Owner

The e-market is now flooded with so many gift ideas. Going through all those options is not feasible. We have narrowed down the list and created a list of 10 gift ideas for enthusiastic pool owners. Let’s have a check.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights
  2. Floating Pool Lights Solar-15 Inches-Solar Powered
  3. YESIE 16-Inch Cordless LED Cube Chair Light
  4. Sewinfla Outdoor Movie Screen
  5. Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game
  6. DIVEBLAST: Premium Floating Drink Holder for Pools & Hot Tub
  7. eQFeast Color Changing Wind Chime Outdoor
  8. I Pee in Pools Funny Dare Gag Gift Joke
  9. FindUWill 2-Pack Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock
  10. Creatrek RGB Color Changing LED Tea Lights

1. Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights 

Ideas for pool owners start with the Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights. We often want to enjoy podcasts or attend important calls while enjoying time in the pool. Getting up from the pool, listening to, or attending calls is not feasible. This speaker is a great solution here.

Its built-in microphone allows you to pick the phone to talk over the phone without leaving the pool. In addition, its loud and clear speaker can help him listen to anything easily. The speaker can stay up to 3 feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry about splashing or water damage. Your pool owner friend will love to have it.

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, USB
Key featuresThe high-fidelity stereo sound provides clear sound. Its wide-ranging adjustable volume level allows proper personalization. 8 hours service time with a full charge. The 7 different color-changing themes make the situation soothing. 

2. Floating Pool Lights Solar-15 Inches-Solar Powered

For night parties, light plays the most important role. When it comes to night pool parties, the floating pool Lights can be one of the best Gifts for the pool lover. The light turns the pool environment into a glorious fairy tale nightscape.  All of the party guests will remember the scenario for a long time and you are the reason for this.

Besides, the pool light floats on the pool water and spreads the light properly. You can even hang it around the pool to make the party more enjoyable. Since no battery or electricity is needed, you don’t have to worry about charging this solar-powered pool light. 

Key featuresThe solar power floatable light gets power from the sun and provides up to 6 hours of lighting facility. 100% recyclable material does not harm the environment at all. Since the solar pool lights are inflatable, they float to make the pool more amazing.

3. YESIE 16-Inch Cordless LED Cube Chair Light

Floating lights are awesome to create a soothing environment. But what if you can light up the chair in the pool? Sounds good? The YESIE 16-Inch Cordless LED Cube Chair Light offers you exactly that. Its Super Bright LED ensures a glowing experience in the swimming pool.

The Easy Charging LED Design allows you to charge the light anytime. With its IR, lead, mercury, and other harmful ingredients-free construction, it stays safe for babies and others. To make a pool party amazing and glowing, nothing can be a better option than this one.

MaterialsArt Deco
ColorMilky White C1016
Key featuresThe shock and vibration-resistant construction provide additional comfort and safety. UV resistant & unbreakable design provides additional durability. The magic foam is easy to clean. You can get 10-12hrs working time with a remote control facility.

4. Sewinfla Outdoor Movie Screen

A pool party cannot be completed without a large projector screen. The pool owner would love to show some memorable things or something important to the guests. A projector screen will give him that opportunity. It allows the user to enjoy any video on rainy days or pool water.

The Sewinfla Outdoor Movie Screen offers easy installation and higher durability. Its large screen will make it like a cinema hall to turn the party on. Moving the screen is easier as well. You don’t need to inflate to use it. To conclude, it can be one of the best Gifts for Outdoor pool owners.

Dimensions21 x 12 x 12 inches
Weight28.6 pounds
Key featuresThe environmental quality screen with a PVC frame makes it durable and corrosion-resistant. It is also resistant to UV rays to prolong longevity. You can clean the projection screen and the inflatable frame with a simple cloth wipe.

5. Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game

Nothing can be compared with a swimming pool game. No matter if it is a party or a small get-together, a game is necessary. Then what game to play in the pool? Well, the watermelon ball can be a good instrument to play different types of games.

If you are thinking of Personalized Swimming Pool gifts, this one can be a good option. The ball looks like a watermelon and works as a gaming ball. It is suitable for underwater passing, dribbling, and diving that creates more fun than other games. Teens, kids, and even adults enjoy these games a lot.

ColorGreen and black
Key featuresThe PVC construction lasts longer. You can fill the ball with water that eradicates the need of using any inflator. The lightweight and flexible design allows the users to dribble, pass, and bounce the ball easily.

6. DIVEBLAST: Premium Floating Drink Holder for Pools & Hot Tub

You’ve made the party glowing and enjoyable with lights and balls. What about food? Don’t you think you have to eat and drink during the party? Yes, that’s what the premium Floating Drink Holder is offering. If you are thinking of luxury pool gifts for any new or old pool owner, consider this one.

The durable and sturdy construction will last longer. You will have a place to put bottles, snacks, or even your smartphone. Besides, it is designed to float and protect from any leaks. So you don’t have to worry about your food and phone safety. The gift can get rid of the pool owner to arrange a drinking party outside the pool.

Key featuresMade of durable PVC construction to provide longevity and durability. It consists of bottle holders, a food and snacks space, a slot of tablet or book, and a smartphone place. Due to its floating design, it does not deflate or leak easily.

7. eQFeast Color Changing Wind Chime Outdoor

Decorating a pool can change the experience of the party. When it comes to night parties, adding wind chime is mandatory. What if you give a gift to decorate the pool? Yes, eQFeast Color Changing Wind Chime Outdoor can be a suitable gift. The pool owner can use it to make the pool environment soothing.

Using the color-changing chime is easy as well. A simple on/off switch makes it simple for everyone to use. Since it is a solar-powered light, you don’t have to worry about charging it. The powerful battery can absorb the sunlight energy and provide long-lasting service.

MaterialsGlass & Plastic
Key featuresThe ON/OFF switch makes it comfortable to use for everyone. The AA 600mAA rechargeable battery provides a longer service. It takes 6-8 hours to be fully charged under direct sunlight. The Glass & Plastic construction provides added durability.

8. I Pee in Pools Funny Dare Gag Gift Joke

If the pool owner is close to you, giving something funny would be a great choice. The I Pee in Pools Funny Dare Gag Gift Joke Cap Hat can be a good gift in that case. You can bring a smile to the face of your friend and he will be happy to see the gift. Don’t you want that?

The adjustable snap closure makes it a perfect fit for everyone. No matter if your friend has a small head shape or large, it can be a perfect fit. Its ink is eco-friendly Phthalate that doesn’t harm the environment or water at all. To conclude, you will rarely find a gift that can make him smile like this one.

BrandThe Goozler
Key features100% Polyester construction provides added durability and longevity. The eco-friendly Phthalate Free Ink saves the environment and water from pollution. Its adjustable snap closure fits perfectly with anyone. The 3.5-inch crown comes with a 5-panel construction that lasts longer and provides safety against sunlight.

9. FindUWill 2-Pack Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock

FindUWill 2-Pack Swimming Pool Float Hammock is one of the best Pool gifts for him you can ever think of. You and your “he” can easily float on the hammock. You can lay down or sit down to enjoy the pool experience. Soft and comfortable- the hammock provides superior comfort. It features a Header and footer Pillow with a Big airbag.

Both of you can rest your head and foot to enjoy. Even if you are not a good swimmer, you can still use it. You can even use it as a Lounge. The rope will tightly keep the pillow in place so that you don’t fall down from the hammock. To conclude, the comfort, durability, and safety make it a perfect choice for any pool owner gift.

ColorRoyal blue and green yellow
Key featuresThe vinyl construction provides durability and longevity. Its soft and comfortable pillow provides additional comfort while using it. The rope of the water hammock keeps the pillow in place. It can handle a maximum of 120 kg / 265 lb.

10. Creatrek RGB Color Changing LED Tea Lights

The search for some good gift ideas for pool owners ends with the Creatrek RGB Color Changing LED Tea Lights. If you want to make the pool condition soothing and comfortable with these lights. With its three static colors including red, green, and blue, it improves the environment even better.

Besides, it features four dynamic color-changing modes to make the condition more dynamic. The light is waterproof and can be submerged in water. Lights will glow from underwater that will turn the pool party on. You will get three AAA batteries that can deliver you up to 10-12 hours of service time. To conclude, this one can be a different and unique gift to the pool owner.

ColorRgb (Red, Green, Blue)
Key featuresThe light comes in 3 static colors including red, green, and blue. You will also have 4 dynamic color-changing modes to control the light. The three AAA batteries provide up to 10-12 hours of service time. A 21 key IR remote control facility is there to let you control the light within 5M-10M distance.


A gift means many things. It shows your love, care, and status. The Gift ideas for pool owners can change the relationship between you two. You know, pool owners love their swimming pool much more than you think. If you can give something useful to the pool, he or she will be happier than you imagine.

Make sure you take your time and ensure the best gift to surprise him. To do that, consider the pool location, his taste, and most importantly, his personality. Not all gifts will be suitable for all people. Also, know whether it is an indoor or outdoor pool.

The gift for indoor and outdoor is not the same. When you consider all those factors and your budget, you can easily come up with a good gift for a pool owner. Surprise your pool owner friend by picking one of the gifts above. Best of luck.

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