Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

Gifting someone with flowers at the funeral is very common nowadays. Beautiful flowers can make the desired person overwhelmed but it’s patchy when randomly everyone brings a flower bouquet. Flowers don’t stay in the long run and it’s one of the forgettable funeral gifts.

So, it’s time to think about funeral gift ideas instead of flowers. Before selecting any funeral gift, consider the age and likings of the target person. Your wrong selection of the funeral gift can make the person triggered.

The main purpose of the funeral gift is to show proper tribute to the decedent. You must handover it to someone nearest to the late person. Remember, being unique in selecting a gift expresses your caring to the decedent along with your discretion.

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10 Best Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

This part will elaborate on the 10 best funeral gift ideas instead of flowers. Now, have a look at all the product’s specifications to pick the suitable one as a funeral gift.

  1. Pavilion Gift Company Ceramic Soy Wax Candle
  2. Spoontiques – Garden Décor – Memorial Stepping Stone
  3. Sympathy Keychain With Quotes
  4. Majestic Zen’s Memorial Picture Frame
  5. Mayamila Sympathy Gifts Memorial Moon Lamp
  6. In Loving Memory Funeral Guest Book
  7. Wine Country Sympathy Gift Basket
  8. Dulaya Memories Sympathy Gift Blanket
  9. Hallmark Sympathy Card (Stitched Feather)
  10. eGift Card

1. Pavilion Gift Company Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

Some good words in the remembrance of a late person- that’s the decent way to show your tribute. A message placed on the body of this product helps you to express the proper sympathy. It’s made of premium quality ceramic. The top-grade quality and its attractive finishing make it one of the best funeral gifts.  

This product comes with only 1.05 pounds weight and is placeable at any convenient place in the house. A supportive base is added here to keep the item calm even in the little vibration. There is a setup to place the candles precisely. It’s easy to clean the debris from the inside of this product

Brand namePavilion Gift Company
Dimension2.75 x 2.75 x 3.5 inches
Main specificationsDespite its ceramic build, 1.05 pounds weight with good weight balance is appreciable. This product is only wiped-clean supported. It always looks gorgeous for its glossy finishing.In addition, it comes with a good-looking, secured box.

2. Spoontiques – Garden Décor – Memorial Stepping Stone

A decorative stone with a loving message can be a good funeral gift. The decedent will receive your warm homage from this yonder gift. This product can be placed near the grave of the late person. And the stone is also placeable near the garden or somewhere on the lawn. For having hardware at its back, the user can use it as a wall plaque also. 

As it’s not too heavy, one has the convenience of its transportation. It’s 9-⅝” in diameter and so, it takes only a little space to spread its charm. Moreover, the item comes with mind-blowing hand paintings. The person you’re going to hand over this stone will surely be delighted.

Brand nameSpoontiques
Weight2.5 pounds
Dimension9.5 x 0.75 x 9.5 inches
Main specificationsThis decorative item develops the surrounding beauty of its placement. The hand-painted quotes on the stone can hold the viewer’s attention instantly. Besides, it’s manufactured with durable resin to use year after year. Along with grave decoration purposes, the user can also use it inside the room.

3. Sympathy Keychain With Quotes

A keychain is a useful item of daily usage. It’s mandatory to bring the keychain out before starting the car or entering the apartment. The mentioned product is an ideal gift for ladies at a funeral. Once you give this beautiful keychain to a lady, it will remain as a gift for a long time. 

The stylish and firm print of the powerful words comes with good quality. There is no scope for getting the keychain affected by the stain. It gives a feel of mitis while holding for a long time. Even, the connecting ring of the keychain is built with proper optimization to give long stability.

Brand nameKeytells
Closure typeHook and loop
Material316L stainless steel
Main specificationsWith top-class durability, this keychain is a good product. The bird-shaped design gives an eye-blessing feel to the user. It’s completely harmonious for health due to using quality stainless steel. Moreover, it comes with good packaging. 

4. Majestic Zen’s Memorial Picture Frame

A picture is the best speaker of the old day memories. You may have a sweet moment with the late person. Then, why don’t you surprise his or her family with that sweet photo at the funeral? And you can go with a Majestic Zen picture frame to fulfill the combo.

Along with its gorgeous design, the user will be fascinated to see its build quality. The natural solid wood intensely gives an authentic feel. It’s easy to keep and change the photo. Both hanging and displaying on the table facility are added with the picture frame. It’s not fragile and will last at least a few years. 

Brand nameMajestic Zen
Weight1.2 pounds
Dimension10.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
Main specificationsA 4″ x 6″ photo can easily suit the picture frame. Only 8 x 10 inches frame size makes this item easily placeable anywhere in the living room. The user has the advantage of using both wall mounting and tabletop mounting. Though it’s manufactured with a wood frame, it’s promising for long time usage. 

5. Mayamila Sympathy Gifts Memorial Moon Lamp

This lamp is a good funeral gift because of its printed lovely words and extreme build. You can deliver the deepness of your feeling about the loss of someone through this gift perfectly. The receiver of this funeral gift will be delighted for sure after getting this unique gift. 

The lamp’s sturdy metal base helps to stand it firmly. Besides, the combination of resin and stainless steel keeps this lamp forward in the funeral gift selection. Remember, the enlightened mode of the lamp only helps to see the printed quotes perfectly.

Manufacturer nameMayanila
Weight10.5 ounces
Dimension6 x 3.9 x 10.6 inches
Main specificationsThis lamp is built with a mixture of resin and stainless steel. The user can place it on the table-top for its expedient height. As it’s battery-powered, the user has no hassle of charging it regularly. However, it’s super easy to clean the debris from its surface. 

6. In Loving Memory Funeral Guest Book

A hardcover-bound, stylish funeral guest book is an ideal funeral gift. The black velvet design can conquer the receiver’s mind at a glance. A printed text named “loving memory” will mesmerize the desired person. 

It’s easily accessible on the tables for its lay-flat binding. The guest book is neither too large nor too small. It comes with a faux leather patch applique. Besides, silver foil lettering is featured in this guest book.

Brand nameChristian Art Gifts
Weight1.1 pounds
Dimension6.8 x 0.9 x 8.8 inches
Main specificationsAs the guest book’s cover is black colored, it gives a premium look. The flocked cover design with ribbon tie closure seeks the user’s attention easily. It’s possible to preserve a huge memory for its 160 lined pages. However, the memorial scriptures on each page are a good point of this product. 

7. Wine Country Sympathy Gift Basket

Is your desired funeral gift receiver a gourmet person? Then you can surprise him or her with a basket full of different food ingredients. You may think that these foods are also forgettable like the flowers. But, your care for the desired person nicely gets revealed throughout this way.

You get an option to add your customized message with the main gift item. Despite its basket being a handcrafted product, it has a good finish. However, you’re suggested to give this item to someone with another ideal funeral gift.

Brand nameWine Country Gift Baskets
Customize message optionYes
Dimension15 x 7 x 13 inches
Main specificationsThe varieties of foods can help a person to forget the sorrows for a short time. You have a customized text sending option for expressing the proper formality of the funeral. Dark chocolate, toffee, and other items are ideal for someone’s health. It comes with a good binding as well as the packaging. 

8. Dulaya Memories Sympathy Gift Blanket

Sending a blanket as a funeral gift is different from the usual ideas. Don’t step away from selecting this as a funeral gift because it’s versatile. The user can use it for various purposes and every time you’ll be remembered.  Your main purpose is to show some tribute to the late person throughout this gift. And your intention will be succeeded once you hand over it to the decedent’s family. 

Your desired user must like the edge-finishing of this blanket.  It comes with premium raw materials. The seller will attach an exclusive poem with this beautiful funeral gift. However, its sizing is ideal for regular use. Besides, it’s washable with the washing machine after regular use. 

Brand nameDulaya Memories
Weight1.5 pounds
Size50″ x 70″ 
Main specificationsThe premium build quality of the blanket ensures its long-lasting. It’s washable in the machine many times. The blanket is soft and good for regular use. One can get proper air circulation by it when it’s required.

9. Hallmark Sympathy Card (Stitched Feather)

The deceased person’s family leads some miserable days after finishing the funeral. All they need at that time is some supportive words. They need the courage to move forward along with the old memories of the late family member. Hence, you can be part of their feelings. A Hallmark sympathy card is an ideal funeral gift to give consolation to family members. And you can also show your respect or affection from the core of the heart by creating a thoughtful note.

The cover of this item features a painted feather design with a strong message. It’s optimum in size and easy to hold. As it comes with an envelope, the card remains protected as always. The paper of the card is eco-friendly and it offers a premium feel when shaking hands on it. You can get good friction while writing your customized texts indicating the desired person. 

Brand nameHallmark
Weight0.634 ounces
Dimension7.19 x 5 x 0.18 inches
Main specificationsThis item comes with a protective envelope to its user. Along with its good sizing, appreciating paper quality is also noticeable at first sight. Anybody can feel the love with its excellent fonts and powerful messages. For a solid paper build, it’s super easy for holding through a long period.

10. eGift Card

Have you ever thought about giving a digital gift at a funeral? If you haven’t, then it’s time. The family of the deceased person must purchase online regularly or occasionally. Since they may have a short-term financial crisis, you must want to help them from your position. But, the most decent way of helping with money is this eGift card.

An eGift card gets delivered only within 5 minutes. If you’re in a hurry to attend a funeral, then this should be a selection of the funeral gift. It can be redeemed also on the amazon affiliate sites. As there is a scheduling option, you can fix an expedient time for sending the eGift card. 

Brand nameAmazon Gift Cards, LLC
Delivery methodEmail or text message
Design selection optionYes
Main specificationsThe amazon gift card never expires until the user uses it. You can select your expedient amount for sending as a funeral gift. There are 150 unique designs to select for a suitable occasion. You can even add a customized message with the eGift card. 

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Final words

Reaching the endpoint of this article, don’t you have a piece of good knowledge on suitable funeral gifts? You may have planned to attend the upcoming funeral with some eye-blessing flowers. But, now you have a bunch of funeral gift ideas instead of flowers.

Your main purpose of gifting someone at the funeral is to express proper homage to the late person. The funeral gift needs not be expensive or extremely gorgeous. Just keep in mind that the receiver is getting your cordial message along with the funeral gift.

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