Can You Use Target Gift Cards at Starbucks

Everyone loves a gift card, especially a target gift card. It’s because you can redeem it from over 1700 target stores all over the U.S and they never expire. You can use target gift cards to purchase anything and everything target sells and even more. But can you use target gift cards at Starbucks?

The answer is yes but with a catch. You can only use target gift cards at the Starbucks inside target but not at the Starbucks outside target. The Starbucks shop inside Target is not owned by Starbucks but by the target. So, any target gift cards can be used in those Starbucks shops.

You want something from Starbucks and you have a target gift card in your hand. What to do? The next step is to go to the Starbucks located inside Target and you got a deal. Target officially confirms that you can redeem their gift cards from Starbucks inside their retailing stores.

Can you use target gift cards at Starbucks?

Target gift cards can only be used in target stores and on online. Starbucks shops do not accept target gift cards. But you can still use Target gift cards at Starbucks. How? You can use Target gift cards at the Starbucks located inside the target. Pretty interesting. Right? 

Starbucks shops inside Target are owned by Target, not by Starbucks. So, they are run by target workers and by target rules. Target uses the Starbucks branding in those stores. But still, every product in those stores is the same as any other Starbucks outside target. 

So, you can redeem a Target gift card at the Starbucks inside Target to buy your favorite Starbucks coffee. It’s a shame that you can’t use them at any Starbucks outside target. But still, it is great news that you can still get the same Starbucks items in those stores inside the target. 

Every now and then a lot of people take these target gift cards to use in Starbucks that are not inside target but are actual Starbucks stores. And they were turned down by the Starbucks employees. So don’t be that person. Be informed and use your target gift card at the right place. 

How to use target gift cards at Starbucks?

If you want to use a target gift card at Starbucks follow these steps mentioned below. 

  • The first thing you need is a target gift card. You can buy them offline from the target store during checkout. Or you can buy them online on These gift cards’ amount ranges from 5$-500$.
  • Or most likely you have a gift card gifted to you by someone. You can check the balance of the card on Gently remove the metallic strip and get the card number and access number and insert those on the website to know the balance.
  • Then you go to a target retailer store at any location you want that has a Starbucks shop located inside it. 
  • Order anything from Starbucks within the balance you have on your target gift card. 
  • Hand over the gift card to the worker at the Starbucks. And your order price will be paid with the balance on your gift card.
  • Enjoy your Starbucks coffee. 

What can you buy with target gift cards?

With a target gift card in your hand, the possibilities are endless. The question is not what you can buy, the question is what you cannot buy. But for that, you need to know where you can use them. So, here are some of the places where you can use your target gift card. Be informed and shop wisely. 

Anything from target

You can redeem a Target gift card to buy anything from the Target store. You just cannot use them to buy prepaid or specialty gift cards. Still, you have hundreds of choices available to choose from.

Anything on

You can buy anything on using target gift cards. Choose from the endless number of choices to find your necessary product.


You must have been wondering about this. So, rest assured target gift cards can get you alcohol. 

Restricted items

And you can also get items that are restricted to buy otherwise. These items can only be bought with target gift cards.

Starbucks inside Target stores

As discussed earlier, you can buy Starbucks coffee if Starbucks is located inside the Target store.

CVS Pharmacy inside Target stores

You can also redeem your target gift cards at CVS pharmacy, of course, provided that the CVS store is located inside Target.

Target Optical 

With target gift cards you can buy any target optical item. But the purchase needs to be done from a target store.

Target Cafe

Another great option is to redeem your target gift cards. Go to a target café and you can get your order placed and then pay with target gift cards. 

Pizza hut inside the target

If you have pizza hut inside target gift cards you can redeem them to get pizza from pizza hut inside the target. You can also use them outside. 


Do other stores take Target GiftCards?

Unfortunately, no. Target gift cards are only meant to be used in target stores offline and on online. But there are some exceptions you might want to note, such as Starbucks, CVS, and target optics accepts target gift cards as long as they are situated within the Target store.

Can I use my Target gift card at Pizza Hut?

You can use a target gift card at a pizza hut if the pizza hut is inside the Target store and also the gift card is for the pizza hut inside the target. You can use this card elsewhere too. 

Where can you use a Target gift card?

You can use a target gift in a target store and on to buy any item. You can also use them at Starbucks, CVS, target optical if they are located within Starbucks. But you can’t use them on other stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, and others.                                                                                          

Can you cash out Target GiftCards?

No. You cannot get cash for target gift cards. These cards are solely for the purpose of buying things from Target, not getting the money back. But you can try to sell your target gift cards online for some cash.


Target gift cards are a great way to let people know you appreciate their work or service. Target has over 1700 retailer shops all over the United States. And Target works with the motto of providing the best possible items for the best price. A target gift card opens up an opportunity for all of these services.

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