The Best Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Granddaughter You Can Give

You have a 4 years old granddaughter and her birthday is nearby? Are you confused about which gift can surprise them with joy? Well, there are some amazing Birthday gifts for your 4 year old granddaughter that you can give to her and surprise him.

At this age, kids start imagining things and being creative. Their playing style gets changed at this age. They start to differentiate between reality and fantasy. That is why it is really important to get a perfect gift on her birthday.

How We Selected the Best Gifts

We did not just randomly pick some Birthday gifts for 4 year old granddaughter of yours. We have done our research and select the items based on some criteria. Here are those.

1. Gifts that Promote Physical Development

Most of the gifts in this list promote physical development. In this era, most of the kids spend time on their phones. Having an item that promotes physical development is really important. It will help to build muscles and stamina while improving other soft skills.

2. Gifts That Promote Creativity and Imagination

Along with physical development, creativity and imagination is important too. That is why we have selected gifts that promote creativity and imagination so that your granddaughter can improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

3. Gifts That Promote Playing with Other Children

Playing with other children physically can improve social and leadership skills. Also, it is fun. We have mentioned the gifts where most of them promote playing with other children. Your kids will learn how to interact and how to handle the situation.

4. Gifts That Promote Intelligence and Knowledge

Besides, we have covered those gift items that promote intelligence and knowledge. Some gift items need intelligence and knowledge to play. When playing with those gifts, your grandchild will improve intelligence and knowledge.

20 Best Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Granddaughter

You will be overwhelmed to see the items available in the market. As a result, finding the right one is tough, especially if you are not an expert in this field. That is why we have come up with some suggestions for you to choose from.

1. FoxPrint Princess Castle

Every kid needs her own private space at the age of 4. The FoxPrint Princess Castle can give her that. It comes with hearts and glow-in-the-dark-stars. Besides, the Peep through the window and fold-down door are there for better hide and seek game. Its sturdy shock-corded fiberglass poles make it sturdy and easy to assemble. You have the portable carrying bag and lightweight to carry and store it easily.

You can give your granddaughter a fun place to play or sleep. She will get her private cave/fort to play and enjoy the adventure. Also, it will help her enhance her creativity and imagination for better growth both physically and mentally. Your princes will enjoy hours of fun with this amazing gift.

2. Spelly Straws Interactive Straw

You can surprise your granddaughter at the birthday party with the Spelly Straws Interactive Straw. It is a reusable drinking straw that lets your kids customize the straw with different letters. You can create up to 300, 000 words with this. With its BPA free plastic construction, it is safe to use for drinking. Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble.

This customized straw can be used in the birthday party for everyone. You can surprise your kids and enhance the fun of the party with this amazing gift. Also, it brings something creative and unique to the party. Later, your kids can enjoy creating different words for more creativity, imagination, and learning.

3. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumber

The Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper allows your granddaughter to jump, play, and improve fitness. Its heavy-duty components withstand all the rough and tough jumps. In every jump, it makes a fun squeaky sound that makes it more enjoyable for the kids. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. For maximum comfort and safety, it has a comfortable foam grip handle and permanent foam base.

You can off your kid from the sofa and let her do physical activities. It helps you to train her hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Your granddaughter will love it for its pink color and funny sound. It ensures fun while promotes healthy activities to make your child healthy, strong, and more balanced.

4. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors is the magnetic building set that comes into the market to let your kids imagine and play. All the tiles are made of safe, BPA free, and Phthalate Free no toxic ABS plastic for maximum durability and safety. For more safety, it is constructed with ultrasonic welding construction along with smooth edges. You have 100 translucent, colorful shapes including squares and triangles.

These tiles will help your granddaughter learn the basic concept of math, science, and creativity. Also, these will improve the imagination power and eye-hand coordination. Most importantly, your kid will learn and improve all these while just playing the games with these 100 colorful tiles. Anything they imagine, they will create it with these Magna tiles.

5. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

Creativity, fun, and learning are mixed in the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch. It features timer, alarm, and calendar to introduce these concepts to your granddaughter. There are 5 games available to enjoy quality time. Downloading more games are also possible here. You have a dual camera for taking selfies or video, rechargeable battery, charger, and splash-proof construction. A motion sensor is there too for active play challenges.

You can double the fun of your kids with this smartwatch. She can capture moments, upload it online, and download files from the internet as well. Its Monster Catcher game will keep your kid busy and physically active in real life while puzzle games will improve intelligence. Let her enjoy and learn different skills at once with this gift.

6. 5pc Kids Ball Pit Tents

The 5pc Kids Ball Pit Tents make a whole playground for your kids in your room. It is made of top quality 190T soft polyester fabric along with thick steel wiring for maximum durability. With its vibrantly color and friendly face, your granddaughter will fall in love with it. The tents and tunnels collapse easily for smooth storage and portability.

This tent allows your granddaughter to practice sensory processing, crawling, and coordination activities. It also makes them creative, just let them play and see how creative they can be. Besides, it develops leg and hand muscles, improves motor skills, and ensures hours of play with fun. So your kids will improve many things while playing games. Give it as a gift and see how favorite you become to your granddaughter.

7. The Original PlasmaCar

The Original PlasmaCar provides your kid with an amazing car experience. It requires no batteries, pedals, or mechanical operation to run. Built with sturdy materials, the car supports weight up to 220lbs. It can generate up to 10kmh speed to provide a thrill to your kids. You can easily assemble it with a few tools. For its low noise, it becomes a perfect option for indoor and outdoor use.

It improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills while playing. Since the car is manual, it does not make any sound to disturb any of you. Still, your granddaughter can enjoy it with full of fun. So overall, the Original PlasmaCar is one of the great Birthday gifts for a 4 year old granddaughter you can give. She will love it.

8. Amy&Benton Toddler Piano

How about if your granddaughter has the ability to better exercise hearing and eyes and hand together with attention by a single toy? Here I am talking about Amy & Benton Toddler Piano which will have 24 keys and4 musical instruments also. So many different demo songs and installed microphone encourage her to music. Only 1.5 batteries are required to play this.

Its color and catchy appearance will make your granddaughter happy. She will be able to play music on this and record this at the same time. And of course Amy & Benton Toddler Piano will increase her musical sense from her early age.

9. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn

Pretending to be someone is fun for children. The LeapFrog Scoop & Learn lets your kids pretend to run an ice cream cart. It comes with 3 Toppings and 8 Scoops of Ice Cream. You have 3 Ice Cream Cones six cute animal order cards as well. A Magic Ice Cream Scooper is also there to enjoy more. Its Ice Cream Cart with Storage completes the package.

Your granddaughter can make yummy treats that improve memory skills. Also, it lets your kid listen carefully to each order for better listening skills. Besides, it features counting to teach your kid counting with games. So, your kids will be surprised and enjoy the game and at the same time, learn so many skills.

10. Indoor Garden Playhouse

Indoor Garden Playhouse is another great gift you can give to your 4 years old granddaughter. It comes with a mesh roof along with a canvas cover with a friendly cat, birdbath, and flowers. The house is made of 100% cotton for safety. You have the Metal poles and PVC connectors for stability. It is extremely easy to assemble. Spot clean is available to make your cleaning easier.

The door is decorated with lovely leaves, lush, bushes, and flowers that your kids will love. It helps improve high imagination and inspire the kids to be nature friendly. Also, it ensures quality and fun games playing in the house. So to offer all those to your granddaughter, this can be a great gift to choose from.

11. JOYSTAR 12/14 Inch Balance Bike

Cycling is fun. That is why JOYSTAR 12/14 Inch Balance Bike can be a great gift for your 4 years old granddaughter. It features an adjustable seat and handlebar for the best fit. You have the tire made of EVA polymer foam for a puncture-free ride. Its soft padded seat and handlebars enhance the comfort of riding. For longevity and sturdiness, it comes with a high-tensile strength steel frame.

Riding a bike is surely one of the greatest memories of growing up. You are not gifting a cycle, you are giving her something to create a memory. Its low step design ensures easy get up and down. Besides, riding a cycle improves balance and muscles. So overall, it will make your kid love cycling.

12. Learning Resources Gears

Kids start improving their problem-solving skills at an early age. If they get proper gear, they can master at it. Learning Resources Gears can be gear for them. It comes with a 116-piece set gear. You have the flowers, butterflies, wiggly stems, colorful gears, and more. All parts are interchangeable to make endless combinations.

These gears will improve the critical thinking of your kids while playing the game. Also, it helps to improve problem-solving skills as well. Your granddaughter has to mix, match, and create a beautiful garden with these gears. Thus, she will get good motor skills and confidence to handle any situation in future life. Nothing can be a better gift than the confidence to be a success in life.

13. Green Toys Jump Rope

Skipping Rope is fun for kids, especially for girls. The Green Toys Jump Rope allows your kids to have that fun. This one is 7 feet long which makes it suitable for kids above 4. You can adjust the length as well. Made with 100% recycled non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC for durability, and rope with US-100% cotton for comfort. Extremely easy to wash since it is dishwater safe.

The rope jumping increases the blooded circulation and thus improves the energy level a lot. Also, it develops mental health by enhancing the concentration power. Your granddaughter can focus on things better than others. So gifting this one will let her enjoy the fun of skipping and improve her physical and mental ability.

14. Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

Kids love to draw what they imagine. Toyk Aqua Magic Mat offers your kids that freedom to draw anything. It comes with a sea world pattern to help imagine more. The mat is reusable that means kids can draw on it and it will disappear after a while. No ink or paint is needed that can make the environment toxic. It is water-resistant and easy to clean too.

Let your granddaughter use her imagination and do something creative with fun. It allows your kids to draw again and again on the same mat. Since your kid can draw on it with her friends, it improves her social and leadership skills along with drawing and imagination skills.

15. KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse

All the girls love dolls. They love to have a house for their doll. What can be a better gift on your granddaughter’s birthday than a dreamy dollhouse? The KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse comes with 14 pieces of furniture along with hanging plants. There are 3 levels, 4 rooms, and 2 balconies. An elevator is there too. Its construction is made of wood.

Your granddaughter has a doll, right? Then gift her a perfect adorable house for her cute doll. She will be more than happy having this dollhouse, trust me. In this dollhouse, she can play with other kids to have more fun and improve social and learning skills at the same time.

16. Pop Beads, Jewelry Making Kit

Is there any girl who doesn’t like jewelry? I don’t think so. Pop Beads the Jewelry Making Kit allows your granddaughter to make her own jewelry. It comes with various shapes, colors, and designs. The beads are connected by insert to remove the needs of threads. Your kids can easily snap the beads and remake anything they like with the BPA free, Phthalate free plastic beads.

When your granddaughter starts making her own jewelry, she will develop creative thinking and practical ability. At the same time, she will enjoy a lot and have some quality time. This can be a cool educational gift for the upcoming birthday of your granddaughter.

17. Fat Brain Toys Teeter

Fat Brain Toys Teeter is a unique and thrilling instrument to play. It is made of an exceptionally hard plastic body to hold up to 110lbs. Your kid can rock it, roll it, sit in it, or stand on it every time they do these, the suction cap will make POP POP POP POP POP sound for more fun. both ends have handles for more stability.

This toy Inspires creativity of your granddaughter, improves senses and imagination, develops core strength and stability, and delivers a great balance and coordination. Even it improves motor skills. That means your kids will just play, but that will be the greatest lesson of her life. As a grandfather/mother, you should gift your child something like this.

18. Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse

Playing dolls is the sweetest memory of anyone’s life, especially for women. To offer your granddaughter that sweetest memory, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse can be a good option. It comes with 11 pieces of wooden furniture for her dolls. Even two playing characters are there too. You have a sturdy handle to carry it with ease. Made of full wood to make it safe for the kids.

Playing dolls improves social skills. When playing it with others, it improves critical thinking and leadership skills too. So this one is surely one of the greatest Birthday gifts for 4 year old granddaughter you should consider. You are giving her the sweetest memory of life along with life-changing education.

19. Osmo Starter Kit for iPad

The Osmo Starter Kit for iPad is the perfect gift for the 4 years old kid. It is designed to teach preschool lessons. It comes with 300 words to learn to make words. You have BPA free sticks/rings, cardboard, games, and stories. Its real-time audio and video feedback allows your kids to learn practically from the game.

This is a game for sure. But it can teach your granddaughter more than a teacher. She will learn letter, critical thinking, motor skill, social and emotional skill, verbal proficiency, and lots of others through the games. So to let her enjoy and learn all the preschool and life-changing skills, gift this one in the upcoming birthday.

20. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Up next is the Hungry Hungry Hippos. It is a perfect fun game for your 4 years old granddaughter. This one comes with 4 hippo heads and bodies. You have 20 marbles out there too. Among them, one is golden marble. A label sheet is there for scoring. To learn the game, it comes with a user manual.

It can be a great gift for your kids. Your kids will enjoy playing the game with others. It will improve social skill for sure. Also, it needs a fast movement that surely improves motor skill a lot. So to learn life skills and social skills while enjoying the game, you should gift it to your grandchild.

What to Look for in a Gift for a 4-Year-Old Granddaughter

Now everyone has the same knowledge on gift ideas. That is why here are some considerations you should make to choose the right gift for a 4-Year-Old Granddaughter.

  1. Age-appropriateness

When looking for a gift idea, make sure it is suitable for your granddaughter. You should not pick an item that is either for smaller kids or for the larger kids. It has to be age-appropriate so that your kid can enjoy full out of it.

  1. Educational value

Also, the gift you are giving to your grandchild should have some educational value. It has to play a role to make your kids educated. Other than that, the gift will not add any value to her life at all.

  1. Interests

Finally, make sure the gift you have chosen matches the interest of your grandchild. Other than that, no matter how good your gift is, your child will not enjoy it and like it at all. So know her interest at first and based on the interest, bring a gift for her.

Final Words

Finding the right birthday gifts for 4 year old granddaughter is really important. When you have the right gift, your grandchild will be happier than ever. Also, it will play a role in her education as well. She will learn soft skills, social skills, and physical skills with your gift. That is why we have reviewed 20 birthday gifts for your 4 years old granddaughter so that you can easily select the best one. I hope it will help you make a better decision. So choose one or several for your kids to make him surprised and create some memories for her life.

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