Baby Shower Gift Amount Etiquette

Nowadays, baby showers have been celebrated like happy occasions. Hosts invite their close ones to join in and celebrate the happy moment together. Therefore, the guest must know the baby shower gift amount etiquette.

Having a baby in a family is a very delightful moment. People want to share their happiness with their friends, family, and colleagues. And so they arrange a baby shower function. It’s quite common in western culture to host a baby shower.

If you are a guest you must keep in mind the etiquette of presenting a gift. It is a general code of conduct to deliver a subtle gift in a baby shower to the hosts. You should do some research about what to present and how much you should spend on a baby shower gift. Here, the amount of expenditure and some ideas of a baby shower present would be stated.

Baby shower gift amount etiquette

Setting up a decent amount as a budget makes the job way much easier. The gift amount and the expenditure depends upon the relation between the host and the guest.

If you are a close family member or friend then you must not cut cheap while buying gifts. Besides, being a neighbor or colleague you should buy decent and meaningful gifts for your close ones.

How to determine the gift amount?

Determining the gift type and amount to be spent depends upon your relationship with the host and your budget as well.

Personal Income 

First of all, your personal monthly or yearly income should be considered. You must not cut your pocket to buy something luxurious. It may hamper your daily life in the future.

Type of Gift

There are mostly two types of gift types. Some gifts can be used in real-time, some are only used as a showpiece. But, if searched properly some gifts can be both useful and act as a showpiece. Many people also choose to present gift cards. To some hosts that can be also valuable.

Coworker baby shower gift amount

If you are connected with the host professionally then you can pick something useful worth $30-$50. Colleagues have a professional relationship with the host. Simple and subtle gifts can enlighten the day. Therefore, you need not spend a high price on buying gifts. 

This will create a positive impression with your colleague which may result in the betterment of association while working. You may receive help and expert advice from your co-worker afterward.

How much should grandparents spend on baby shower gifts?

Grandparents or Godparents are the closest family members to the host of a baby shower. They love their grandchildren a lot. Expressing love can be done by presenting sweet and fine gifts.

Generally, people with blood relations spend $80-$100 on a baby shower gift. And presenting a worthy gift would surely enhance your relationship.

How much to spend on baby shower gifts if not attending?

For some reason, you might not attend the baby shower function. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to appreciate the invitation and the love behind that. There are many possible ways to send gifts to your loved ones.

You can get something as a showpiece or something worth for the child to be born. $25-$50 would be a decent amount to spend for such a relationship. Not everything with a high price is useful. 

There are a lot of options between $25 and below, to buy something as a token of appreciation. Gift cards for different online and offline subscriptions can also be a good choice for sending in a baby shower gift.

4 amazing gift ideas for a baby shower

Let us get some amazing ideas for selecting the best gift for a baby shower program. 

Peter Pan Scene Silhouettes

Young ones love to stare at the walls and ceiling of a room. They fantasize about things they see around themselves. The Peter Pan wall decor set would allow the parent to increase the beautification of their child’s room.

This gift box comes with 17 different Peter Pan-themed wall posters. These are made of high-quality Oracal 631 vinyl material for long-lasting. It can be applied and stuck to the walls very easily. Besides, there are several color options available for you to pick the best profile.

Petit Collage Newborn Baby Memory Box

Memory boxes can be simple and sweet gifts for a baby shower. This cute little box is made to store the precious little things of the young one.

It is designed in a very colorful way that would charm the child when he/she is slightly bigger. Parents can store different first things of the baby or use them by the baby in the drawers. This memory box has 7 drawers of different sizes. Besides, a small pocket in the cover will allow the parent to store the first printed picture, handprints.

Personalized Unframed Thumbprint Poster

The small hands and cute little fingerprints of the baby can be used to create a family tree. This will help the parents to relive the precious moments in the future.

This personalized unframed Thumbprint poster will add the names and memories for the little one. It can be hung on a wall or can also be kept standing on a desk or table. The wooden frame makes it look very premium. The notes and writings are completely customizable. Therefore, parents can add their messages before placing an order.

Gerber Baby 4-Pack Gown

A baby gown set is a classic gift for a baby shower occasion. Parents love to make their children look cutest and sweetest. This unisex gown set will make the young angels look very cute in appearance.

The Gerber Baby gown set comes with 4 different clothes with different designs and color profiles. It has an easy pull-on closure system to put it in the babies. Soft cotton material makes a comfortable housing for babies. Its machine wash compatibility makes it easy to wash with no hassle.


The most common questions asked by the buyers of baby shower gifts are as follows-

What is the most useful baby shower gift?

A set of clothes, baby shampoo, soap, and health-related accessories are the most useful baby shower gifts. These are useful in real-time and can be used for the betterment of the baby. That’s why these types of gifts are the best value for money. 

Can you go to a baby shower without a gift?

It would be highly inappropriate for a guest to go to a baby shower without a gift. Though, a host never expects expensive gifts from their guests. But, it is a common gesture of etiquette to give a gift in a baby shower. The gift will act as a token of appreciation. 

Does the hostess of a baby shower buy a gift?

Hosts are not bound to give gifts in a baby shower. They arrange and invite the baby shower to share their happiness and joyful moments with their loved ones. Since they already spend a lot for arranging the function, they don’t need to buy gifts. 

Do I take a card to a baby shower?

Sending a thoughtful card to a baby shower is a decent gesture. It is a common gesture to send cards if you are not able to attend the baby shower for some unavoidable circumstances. 


Giving gifts in baby showers by the guests is a common occurrence. It helps to balance and uplift the value of the relationship between the host and guest. That’s why it’s important to know baby shower amount etiquette before going. 

It is not important to spend a lot on picking up a baby shower gift. Depending on the relationship you have with the host, you can spend accordingly. Very close family members for definite reasons spend a handsome amount for buying a gift. Above all, it should be remembered that they should be worth it for the baby or parents and usable rather than simply expensive.

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