10 Best Adoption Gift Ideas for an Older Child

Adopting a child, especially a growing child, is a roller coaster experience. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t even know how to welcome a child.

If you are waiting to cherish this moment lifelong, giving a memorable gift can be an excellent option. 

There’s the problem –picking the right adoption gifts for an older child. You cannot pick any random gift. It has to be meaningful, thoughtful, and somehow special. 

Also, since the child is not a toddler, she or he might have his own preference. If you ask, he or she might feel shy to answer. It is a great dilemma. 

That’s why we are going to portray 10 amazing adoption gifts that you can offer to your child. Stay tuned until the end.

10 Adoption Gifts for an Older Child

The market is saturated with so many gifts and needless to say, not all are suitable for an older child. We have carefully picked these 10 gifts from which you can pick the most suitable one.

1. Custom T-Shirts

A custom T-shirt is one of the best adoption gifts for an older child you can think of. You can print both sides with a custom message to show your love to the child. It even allows you to add an image in front or back. Made of cotton, this T-shirt will be ultra-soft to deliver superior comfort to your adopted child.

Since it transfers heat properly, your child will stay cool even in hot summer. The unisex size fits perfectly regardless of the size of your adult kid. Also, you will get a Side-Seamed design that allows the tee to stay in shape when wearing. Cleaning is easier with natural cold water and natural drying.

Brand name Circular
Color Varies
Materials Cotton
Key features Show your attachment to your adopted adult child with this custom tee shirt. You can customize the writing or add pictures in front or back. Comfortable and soft cotton with proper heat transmission delivers superior comfort. It will also fit perfectly for its unisex size and side-seamed design.

2. Gotcha day Necklace

If you want to offer a special and unique gift, consider this Gotcha Day Necklace. Like the previous gift, you can add a custom name, adoption date, and month charm. All the characters and words are crafted with skilled hands. That means there won’t be any second version of your necklace that will make your adopted child feel special.

The stainless steel 18″ chain will look good on the neck. Also, it provides longevity and durability. Lightweight design with Lobster Claw makes it comfortable to wear.  So chances are high that your adopted child will love this gift. You can make him or her feel special by giving this amazing gift.

Brand name Mommy’s Metalz
Color Silver
Materials Steel
Key features This unique and good-looking necklace offers name and date customization. The name and writings will be handcrafted and different from other necklaces. Durable and lightweight construction makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

3. Costa Farms Snake plant

Snake plant by Costa Farms can be another excellent gift if you know that your adopted child likes plants. With its sword-like stiff and upright leaves, it can bring natural beauty to the room. When you are purchasing this as a gift, it even allows you to add a personalized message in the planter.

The white planter is made of ceramic with a diameter of 4.5-inch that fits in a modern interior. Its ability to adapt to any environment makes it easier to grow. Your child can grow it under low light with minimum maintenance. It will work as an air purifier and be a great companion to your plant lover child.

Brand name Costa Farms
Color Grower’s Choice
Style White Mid-Century Modern
Key features The snake plant offers a variety of colors with sword-like stiff and upright leaves. You can add a custom message in the planter to show your love to the child. Its classic ceramic planter and less maintenance make it perfect to use at home. 

4. berry bebe Personalized Baby Blankets

If you are adopting a growing baby girl, then don’t look further but this blanket. Babies are attached to their blankets a lot. When you give a blanket with a custom name, your child will feel how much you care. Made of soft Minky fabric, this customized blanket will deliver warm in winter and not so warm in summer.

Also, your baby will feel more comfortable. With its sorry enhancing raised dot pattern, it will help your baby to stimulate the senses to develop emotional intelligence. You can wash the blanket over and over to keep it clean and maintain hygiene. 

Brand name Berry bebe
Color Personalized Pink
Dimension 40 x 27 x 0.01 inches
Key features Giving a customized blanket is a great way to show your care to the adopted child. You can add a custom name to the blanket as well. It is made of soft fabric for a comfortable experience. Its sory enhancing raised dot pattern will help your child to be more emotionally stable. 

5. Adoption Bracelet

A bracelet can carry memories for lifelong. If you want your adopted child to carry your memory, this handmade adoption bracelet can be a good option to pick. With its 1/3 Inches width, it looks perfect in hand. The length is adjustable which makes it perfect for any hand.

You can even personalize the bracelet. It enables you to add an adoption symbol or any customized symbol. Engraving on the flip part is also possible. With its Aluminum, Brass, Nylon, and Silver construction, you can expect a decent service time. Its colorfast nylon cording provides comfort when wearing.

Brand name HouseofMetalworks
Color Silver
Materials Aluminum, Brass, Nylon, Silver
Key features Being durable and comfortable, this bracelet can carry your memory long enough. You can customize the symbol and engrave the other side. Adjustable nylon cording makes it suitable for older children regardless the age and hand size.

6. LUX ACCESSORIES You are The Missing Piece

Why do we adopt a child? To fill out the missing place in our hearts. Now you can show this feeling to your adopted child through this necklace. The design and writing “you are the missing piece” will make her feel your deep feeling. It is created by the in-house artisan that makes it unique and special.

Its Lead & Nickel free construction provides high-end quality for long-lasting service. However, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. You will get a lovely package to give it instantly without wrapping. To conclude, this amazing gift will make your child feel he or she is the missing piece of your heart.

Color Pink
Materials Metal
Key features Its nice design and ‘You are the missing piece’ writing makes it special to the kid. Durable construction provides longevity yet comfort when wearing. You will even get a beautiful wrapping that eradicates packaging needs. 

7. Bstamped adoption gifts, adoption jewelry, adoption bracelet

Bstamped adoption bracelets come with a beautiful and meaningful writing ‘biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.’ It will create a positive, meaningful, and emotional impact on the adopted child. The writing is hand stamped, meaning that it will be different from other versions. You will get a unique writing style.

The wrap is made of a microfiber suede. Your child can comfortably wear it for a long time. The aluminum metal is durable yet lightweight. It is also non-allergenic which makes it safe to use. That means you can give a safe, meaningful, and comfortable bracelet to your growing adopted child to carry your memory.

Brand name Bstamped
Color Custom 
Materials Faux suede, aluminum
Key features The meaningful and emotional writing will deliver a heartfelt message to the child. Its durable yet lightweight construction and microfiber wrap makes it extremely comfortable to wear for a long time. Your child can wear it all the time regardless of the hand size.

8. Adoption Gifts Blended Twice Loved Gift

Sometimes, it is better to give something unique than the best. For that, this Twice Loved Gift for Adopted Child can be a good option to pick. Its hand-stamped- “Twice Loved” writing is a great way to show your love and care. Also, it will be unique and different from others since it is hand-stamped.

The stainless steel construction will not tarnish, rust, and change color soon. Also, it is free from lead and nickel that ensures added durability and protection. With 1.96*0.47in keychain size, chances are high that it will fit perfectly. You will even get a velvet pouch that is ready to give.

Brand name TGBJE
Color Twice Loved
Materials Stainless Steel
Key features The “Twice Loved” hand-stamped writing will be unique and emotional to your adopted child. Its stainless steel, lead, and nickel-free construction provide longevity and safety. You can give it directly to your child since it comes with a velvet- ready for gifting.

9. PICKME Greeting Card Making Kit Pack

As I mentioned, sometimes, your kid might have his or her own preference in terms of the gift. In that case, the PICKME Greeting Card Making Kit Pack can be an ideal option, as a gift. Why? Well, your kid can create his or her own gift design with this kit. He or she will like it; also, it will improve his creativity and imagination.

The kit includes cards and envelopes, different designs, and versatile patches. You will also get Colorful Jewelry Stones and bracelets. Made of durable and high-end materials, the kit will provide long-term fun activities for your kid. Your adopted baby will stay happy playing with these gifts.

Brand name PICKME
Color Blue 
Materials Other
Key features The greeting card-making gift will help your kid use their imagination and creativity to make his own gifts. More than 50 gift items including patches, cards, and stones are there for your kid. Your adopted child can play with it and make the desired gift many times for its durable construction and creative design.

10. White Ceramic 11 Oz Coffee Mug – Personalized Add Your Custom Text

Our search for the best adoption gifts for older children ends with the White Ceramic Coffee Mug by Hat shark. The mug allows you to add a name, date, or anything you want to it. Also, you can add any custom design or custom picture to it to make it more memorable, emotional, and meaningful.

Made of 100% Ceramic, the mug delivers lightweight design and durability. You can comfortably use and clean it for its dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe features. The holding capacity is 11 oz, which is good enough for your kid. So overall, this one can be a sweet and memorable gift for your adopted child. Whenever he or she will use it, he or she will remember you and your care.

Brand name Hat Shark
Color White
Materials Ceramic
Key features This Hat Shark mug with high-touch customization is a great way to show your affection, feeling, and care. It enables you to customize a name, tag, or picture. Durable material and easy cleaning features make it easier to use. Its large holding capacity will be perfect to use for the kid.

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It is essential to make your adopted child feel your emotion, affection, and care. For that, nothing can be better than a meaningful, nice gift. But it is challenging to pick the right gift for a growing adopted kid since he or she has his own preference, likes, and dislikes. You have to be careful enough to pick a gift.

We have portrayed some meaningful, emotional, and suitable gifts for older children. You have read the features and specifications of all the gifts. Pick the best gift that will be suitable for your adopted child and make him feel your feelings.

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