11 Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister in 2022

Turning 40 is a huge deal for people. An age milestone that comes with a range of emotions and festivities, 40 is a time for celebrating. It’s your sister’s 40th and you likely want to do something special for her. Where do you start? There are several factors to consider before making the right decision. This article will provide you with some parameters, insight on gift-giving, and 40th birthday gift ideas for sister.

Turning 40

This age milestone can bring up a lot of different emotions for different people. Some women experience a time of reflection on their lives, which can entail both positive and negative feelings. Talk to your sister about how she is feeling and if she is up for a fun party or a quiet celebration. Take her cues.

Gifting with sensitivity

Some women are more sensitive than others about turning 40. If your sister falls within this category, choose to honor her with grace and respect. Those funny or loud birthday cards or age wisecrack gag gifts might not be the proper tone on this milestone birthday.

A sentimental gift like a piece of jewelry, items that speak to her favorite hobby, and products she wouldn’t pay for herself will be most appreciated by her.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

11 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

1. 40th Birthday Necklace

The gift of jewelry is a special sentiment to help to make your sister’s 40th birthday a day to remember.  Show her how much you love and appreciate her with a beautiful keepsake necklace. A sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone is set in a necklace made of white gold. Each necklace comes with a gift box and a meaningful message of “Sending you warm wishes on your 40th birthday. This is such an incredible milestone and I hope your day is as amazing as you are.

Birthdays are a time to reflect on the people we love and send our best wishes for another year filled with health & happiness. I want all these things for you, today and always. ”This necklace is such a lovely gift, especially if you can’t be together to celebrate. It’s something she can wear and always cherish.

2. Vintage 1981 t-shirt

Have fun with your sister’s 40th birthday without insulting her age. These “Vintage 1981 Original Parts” printed tees recognize her milestone in a campy and classic way. T-shirts are short sleeve and made of a high-quality cotton blend, which gives the shirt a luxurious soft feel. Reviews say that the shirt washes well in the machine with cold water or by hand.

Designed to be retro, t-shirts look so cute when worn casually with jeans or sweats, or your fashion-minded and trendsetter sis may choose to wear hers under a black blazer with jeans and boots. Some gals like an oversized fit so opt for one size up for her.

3. Ultra-Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

Who doesn’t love to be comfy and cozy? Treat your sister to an ultra-soft marshmallow hooded lounger. She can throw this on to hang around the house, put it on for a night of popcorn and a movie, or snuggle in it for a weekend hang, reading the paper, and sipping her coffee. The overhead lounger dress is constructed of plush mélange fabric or also known as heathered fabric made of dyed and undyed fibers that are weaved together.

A favorite of Oprah Winfrey, the lounger, manufactured by Softies, is available in colors including blue, buttercream, ivory, pink, gray, and more. It’s loose-fitting but fits true to size. Also featuring a front kangaroo pocket to keep her hands toasty warm, it’s truly a lounger that she may just sleep in too. These hooded loungey dresses are machine-washable. The marshmallow fabric texture on the garment requires no special launder care.

4. Fuzzy Fleece Cardigan Coat

A gift of practicality and thoughtfulness, a fuzzy fleece will certainly do the trick in keeping her warm in the cold winter months. Made by Fasumava, this women’s faux fur fleece cardigan gives all of the comfy and low-key vibes for celebrating her birthday. This hooded fleece has a relaxed oversized fit. It’s a lightweight teddy open jacket that keeps the warmth in and the chilly air out. The front of the cardigan features two side pockets and has a draped open front.

Available in lots of neutral colors (black, beige, dark grey, khaki) or fun patterns (pink sparkles or leopard print), the cardigan is super cute to wear with leggings to run errands or hang around the house or bring on the next ski vacation. But it is also contemporary enough to wear to work or to accessorize her party outfit.

5. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch with Heart Rate

Keep your sister on the go and in the know by giving her a health tracker and smartwatch. If she is that girl who has a disciplined fitness routine or just starting a new workout class, a Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch is probably the perfect gift for her 40th birthday.

This Fitbit model tracker/watch does just about everything except move for her. It tracks her heart rate, her swim workout, her daily steps, calories burned, and her REM sleep stages. Yes, it will give her a sleep score each morning telling her how long she slept, her heart rate, and restlessness, which can help her improve her sleep quality. It uses a built-in Amazon Alexa, which is controlled by voice, to give her news and weather, it can set timers and alarms, give you information and directions, control your smart home devices and play music. Celebrate your sister with a gift she might not ever give to herself.

6. Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote

Treat sister to a sophisticated and beautiful Michael Kors shoulder bag for her everyday life or for the times she is on the jetway. The style of this tote resembles Saffiano leather (first made in Italy) and is constructed out of PVC leather. PVC is consistent with vinyl, which provides durability, will not peel, and is water-resistant.

Available in vanilla or black, the shoulder tote features a leather handle and gold chaining. A zip closure gives her extra security. The MK logo appears on the exterior of the tote bag, with an MK strap logo detail. She can slip highly used items in the exterior side pockets, and hold more personal items in the interior zippered pocket and slip pockets. What’s not to love about this gorgeous tote? And, she will adore you for giving it to her.

7. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

Massager guns were one of the most popular gifts of the year. For anyone who works from home and sits in front of a computer, for the woman who tracks more miles each day on her daily run or in the gym, for the new mom who isn’t getting any downtime, a Percussion massager is going to be very appreciated on her birthday.

The Chirogun Percussion massager has 15 different attachments – a head targeting each muscle (hamstrings, glutes, lower back) and body part (neck and shoulders, feet, knees, joints) of the body, 2 bonus massage balls, and provides 30 different speed levels. Deep massage has been identified as a great way to increase muscle recovery, treat pain, reduce stiffness, boost blood flow and improve flexibility. The massager gun is quiet, easy to use, and can be taken on the go in the accompanying storage case.

8. Sister Birthday Personalized Print

Surprise your sister with a sweet custom print to honor your sisterhood and friendship. Chic Designs Company creates unique prints (a digital option is also available) to honor her special birthday and celebrate your lifelong relationship together. Regardless of who is the big or little sis, this is one of those presents she will hang on to for her lifetime.

The print is an illustration of two sisters standing side by side – one “Big Sis” holding balloons with her age, and the “Little Sis” holding balloons. The artist provides an abundance of personal choices such as skin tone, hair color (all shades of red, brunette, black, blonde, light brown, gray, and silver), hairstyle (short, long, and medium lengths, curly, wavy, straight, bobs, updos, ponytails, and braids) and clothes (denim cut-off shorts, denim mini skirts, skinny jeans in blues and blacks). The print does not include a frame, and ships from the UK.

9. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers

Fluff is still the trendiest word of the year. Fluffy, cozy, comfy. And, UGG has it all figured out when it comes to suggesting their product line for gift giving. Think how happy your sister (and her feet) will be when she opens up the UGG box to find its Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper made of 100% sheepskin.

The Fluff slide is a unique combo of slippers and sandals. These wonderfully comfortable shoes can be worn inside or outside, and are constructed with a rubber sole and outsole, and a back ankle strap. These shoes are super cute and will show off her latest pedicure. They look fashionable with a pair of her favorite jeans, put together with a cozy lounge set, or cute with a midi dress. If your sister is in between sizes it is best to order ½ size down from her usual size.

10. At-Home Spa Gift Basket for Sister

Some sisters love their spa treatments. An at-home spa gift basket will give her all of the sauna-like feels when she can’t get to the spa. Body & Earth, a gift basket company known for curating beautiful products, and aromatherapies, has just the basket for your sister’s birthday.

Each of the 8 products included is made from natural ingredients and the highest quality essential oils. Ingredients featuring sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E help to nourish skin and when paired with the cherry blossom and jasmine oils, which are rich in anti-oxidants, her skin will repair and achieve smoothness. The basket which is a reusable bathtub is filled with a bubble bath, shower gel, mineral bath salts, body lotion, a shampoo bar, soap, and rose soap petals to sprinkle in the bathtub.

11. Dare to Roam Mini Backpack

Your sister may have a lot of different roles in her life, and a chic backpack might be the best gift for her. As a student or a commuter, she will appreciate this Dare to Roam mini prodigy backpack, which will fit her 13-inch laptop. As a mom of elementary school kids, this backpack can lug around the extras needed to get through the day.

As a traveler, this is small enough to take along on her journey. It’s a super lightweight pack that is made of antimicrobial material, as well as a water-resistant fabric, which is effective in preventing odor and bacteria growth. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded (and, the backpack also features a removable sternum strap for extra support), which provide comfort as she makes her way through her day. If she is lugging around her laptop, the pack has a quilted compartment inside to keep tech protected. Dare to Roam offers sleek colors such as pearl, barley, halogen, tango, midnight, and more. You’ll find the right color to match your sister’s personality. Finally, one last cool note about this brand, 3% of its profits get donated to the Why Not You Foundation, an organization committed to fighting poverty through education and other programs.

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Final Words

Birthdays are a time to celebrate your loved ones. However, birthdays are often personal. The 40th birthday can be a time for making life changes as often this is when people take stock of their life. As the gift giver, take into account what your sister’s interests are and what she appreciates in life. Then, go from there. and choosing a gift that maybe she wouldn’t buy for herself will make her 40th a little extra special for her.

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