1 Month Anniversary Celebration Ideas to Make the Day Memorable

The first month is the most important part of marriage life. To make it special, celebrating this one month anniversary can be an excellent idea. But how can you celebrate that? How can you make it so special that your partner will never forget? Well, there are some amazing 1 month anniversary celebration ideas that will make the anniversary never forgettable.

You do not need to spend thousands of bucks to make it memorable. Or you don’t need to put such an effort to climb a mountain and bring flowers for your partner. You can do something fun, simple, yet memorable for your partner.

17 Different 1 Month Anniversary Celebration Ideas

There are thousands of ideas you will find for sure. However, surely not all of them will be good and suitable for you. That is why we have come up with 17 celebration ideas that will make your 1 month anniversary more enjoyable and more fun.

1 month anniversary celebration ideas

1. Enjoy a Nice Home-Cooked Dinner

When was the last day you cook?

In general, people right after marriage take their dinner in the restaurant. And you know, restaurants are offering so many offers and modes of dinners that people cannot resist it. They offer candlelight dinner and other amazing dinner ideas for newly married couples.

What about making dinner by yourself. Then light some candles, decorate your table, and enjoy your home-cooked dinner. Trust me, it will improve your bonding. Also, when working together, you two will feel more romanticism than other times for sure. It does not need much money or effort while giving you a romantic anniversary. Give it a try.

2. Plan an Exciting Vacation

Another great way to celebrate your one month anniversary is to plan an exciting vacation. It can be a romantic resort, or a beach, or a tracking anything you two prefer. There is nothing better to make the bonding stronger than going for a vacation. When you go for a vacation, you two get enough time to spend together without any interruption.

When spending time together, you two will know each other better. As a result, the chemistry between the two will surely improve. So overall, this simple vacation can change your marriage life. Try skydiving, scoop diving, and other thrilling events as well.

3. Revisit Your First Date Spot

If you are a boy then surely you do not care that much about the first date spot with your partner. However, trust me, your wife remembers everything. Actually, all the women remember each small memory. And that is not a bad thing at all.

To impress her and make the 1 month anniversary more memorable, you can take her to that place. Your wife will love the place. Also, she will think that you care about each and every detail about her. It does not only make her love you more but also make her think you care about her more.

4. Host a Party

Some people love parties, you know. If you are one of those or if your partner loves it, then hosting a party can be a great option. It does not have to be a large party. A family gathering can be good enough for sure. Or a get together with friends.

No matter what type of party it is, you can make it memorable. Invite your friends and family and make some food. That is pretty good enough. Also, you can make it memorable by cooking all the foods together. You can also decorate your yards to make it more attractive.

5. Take A Class Together

Well, it is a great way to celebrate your anniversary and finding your common interest. How? Simply find a common interest and take a class together. For example, if you two are interested in fashion design, then you can take a design class together.

There are thousands of options available to find the same interest and take classes together. Everything is now easier for technology. It can be learning any new skill, new ideas, or any others. After the class, you can practice it together to ensure quality time. Besides, you two will enjoy it as well.

6. Sign up for a Cooking Class

If you two love cooking, then signing up for a cooking class can be a great way to celebrate your 1 month anniversary. Why cooking instead of so many options? Well, cooking lets you practice the lesson at home and together. You can help each other to cook anything.

It will improve the coordination and help you two improve your understanding too. You may fail to cook something, but trust me, you won’t fail to fall in love with each other once again. Besides, you can learn a new lesson that can help you two for the rest of your life.

7. Go Camping

Celebrating your 1 month anniversary in Mother Nature is a thrilling way for sure. You can enjoy nature together, sleep under the open sky, see the star lights together, and have unlimited romance. A small bonfire can increase your romance at night as well.

Think about the situation. You and your partner are sitting under the open sky, full of stars and a large moon, in the front of a bonfire, with some natural food. What can be a better way to celebrate your 1 month anniversary than this one? You two will never forget it in your entire life.

8. Find a Drive-in Movie Theater

Movies are the one of delightful ways to spend time. To celebrate your first month anniversary celebration, watching a movie together at a theater can be a good pick. And of course, remember a good movie can bring the peace of life. but you need to choose a good knowledge base movie.

After the movie or before the movie, you can have a long drive. This is interesting and having drive together can bring your understanding better. Have food together and take some photographs to make some memories for the future.

9. Catch The Sunset

Tell me what is the best time of the day? Or what is the best moment of the day? Sunset. Yes, when the sun sets on the west, it becomes the best moment of the day. What if you share this beautiful moment together? Take a break and go to nature to share this beautiful moment.

Catch the hand of your beloved one and enjoy it. You can have some small snacks to add some more spice at the moment. To make it more beautiful, offer some beautiful flowers to your partner. Or if you are a man, you can simply stick a flower on the hair of your beloved wife. She will remember it for her life.

10. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do you love outdoor activities? Then you will love the hot air balloon ride. You can see the world differently than you see now. Everything looks different from the above. You two can have an amazing moment when riding on a hot balloon.

Besides, since most of the hot air balloon ride events happen in the morning, you can plan a breakfast while flying. Think about the scenario. You are flying above the town or a forest or ground, and enjoy a breakfast with your life partner. Isn’t it a great way to celebrate the anniversary?

11. Learn to Salsa Dance

Dancing is not only interesting. This is also good for health and mind. Generally, people are not used to professional dancing, and they usually dance as they can. But to celebrate you can choose the salsa dance to make it delighted.

Rather dance with your partner indoors too and have some good time together. Express to him that you learn to dance to show only him. These things must make his day good and give him a better experience.

12. Go To A Comedy Club

You love true comedy? Then find a comedy club nearby or find out a standup comedian who can make you both laugh by telling a simple true story differently. If you do not want to go to a comedy club, you can arrange it at home too.

There is always someone in the family or friend circle who can do that standup comedy. Simply invite him and see his talent. Also, you will find local talent too. It helps you two to spend some funny and enjoyable time together on your anniversary.

13. Set Sail on a Sunset Boat Ride

If you like the idea of sunset, then let’s add some more thrill on it. You can enjoy an amazing boat ride during the sunset. Think about it. You two are on the boat, sailing towards the middle sea in the time when the sun is saying goodbye to you. How romantic, isn’t it?

If the sky is clean, you can enjoy the stars and the moon when sailing. A romantic anniversary celebration in the middle of the sea under the open sky. Only you and your beloved one. What can be more romantic than this one? Huh?

14. Rent a Cabin

Renting a cabin can make your anniversary special. It is surely one of the best 1 month anniversary celebration ideas you should consider. There are a lot of cabin options available for the couple to celebrate the anniversary. Most of them are located in good places.

So do your own research and find out a romantic place to rent a cabin. You will get a break from your daily life and have an opportunity to spend all day and night with your beloved one. You can gift the cabin as an anniversary gift to your beloved life partner.

15. Exchange Gifts

You two can exchange gifts on the 1 month anniversary. You will find a lot of anniversary gifts that are designed for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or 25 years. There might not be that many gifts available for the 1 month anniversary. Then what should you do?

Well, here is the uniqueness. You need to create one. You will find some amazing gift ideas than you can try on the one month anniversary. Also, you can technically know what your partner wants. That will make the anniversary more memorable and you two can keep the gift lifetime.

16. Go on a Hike in Nature

Hiking is good for health, fun, and enjoyable. Then what about hiking with your life partner in nature? Surely that will be more enjoyable and more fun, right? Also, it can be a great way to celebrate your anniversary. But you need to do what I say.

Turn off your cellphones, get disconnected from the world, choose a perfect place, and get lost in nature. This one day will be the best moment in your life, perhaps. You can take some snacks or lunch to enjoy it in nature to make the day better and memorable.

17. Attend an Open Mic and Have Some Fun With it!

Finally, if you want to have some wild fun, you can do it. You will find an open mic session in your town. Just take the mic and have some fun. Say something lovely to your wife in front of the world. You know, women love to hear those three magic words in front of the world.

She will be blushing for sure. But she will be more than happy to hear you saying your words. There is no chance that she will forget this moment in her life at all. So grab the mic and have some fun while making the day memorable.

Final Words

Most people do not care about the 1 month anniversary, especially the men. But this one day can make a big difference. This one day can bring some memory that you can remember in your entire life. That is why we have come up with some amazing 1 month anniversary celebration ideas. You can choose any of these that best suits you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or put a lot of effort to make this day special. If you have a will and try a little bit, you can do any of these and enjoy the day romance, fun, and love.

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